What are some words that have LL in them?


What are some words that have LL in them?

Study the word list: ll words

bell I attached a new bell to my bicycle.
fall I don’t want to fall off my bike.
hall We have a large mirror in our hall.
small There was a small puff of smoke from the fire.
tall The giraffe was very tall.

What word ends with LL?

9-letter words that end in ll

  • shortfall.
  • waterfall.
  • treadmill.
  • forestall.
  • nightfall.
  • bombshell.
  • clamshell.
  • stairwell.

What are words that start with LL?

6-letter words that start with ll

  • llanos.
  • llamas.
  • llaima.
  • lloyds.
  • lleida.
  • lliira.
  • lligwy.
  • llajwa.

What word starts with LL in English?

5 Letter Words Starting LL

Word Scrabble® Points Words with Friends® Points
lloyd 9 10
llama 7 10
llano 5 8

What word has ll in middle?


  • counterintelligence.
  • intellectualization.
  • ballistocardiograph.
  • bacteriochlorophyll.
  • chromatographically.
  • cinematographically.
  • intellectualisation.
  • individualistically.

What are Spanish words that start with LL?

Terms in this set (30)

  • La llaga (N) (N) sore; wound.
  • La llama (N) (N) flame; llama (animal)
  • La llamada (N) (N) phone call; call; shout; yell; buzz; (door:) knock; reference mark (in a book)
  • llamado (Adj/Past Part V) (Adj) called; so-called; (Past Part V) called.
  • llamar (V)
  • llamarse (Pronom-V)
  • llamativo (Adj)
  • La llana (N)

Why do some words start with LL?

The doubling is used to indicate that the preceding vowel is (historically) short, or that the “l” sound is to be extended longer than a single ⟨l⟩ would provide (etymologically, in latinisms coming from a gemination).

What words have YT in them?


  • bytes.
  • cyton.
  • fluyt.
  • flyte.
  • fytte.
  • kytes.
  • kythe.
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