What are the black hands in Plunderer?


What are the black hands in Plunderer?

Anyone whose count reaches zero will be taken to the Abyss by mysterious black hand called Althing. It is later revealed that the Abyss is actually a ruined Japan after the Abandonment War.

What is all thing in Plunderer?

“Al” means “all” while “thing” means “parliament”. Althing’s character design looks similar to those of Angeloid from Minazuki Suu’s previous works, Sora no Otoshimono.

What is the count in Lichts eye?

It’s an astonishing count of -999 at the start of the series. During his first appearance, Licht has messy, mid-back length hair that was cut shorter mid-fight and a Noh mask which was also destroyed during his fight with Davi. At certain moments, a number code “001” can be seen in Licht’s left eye.

Are Hina and Licht related?

Hina is actually Licht’s adoptive niece, being the daughter of Tokikaze Sakai and Tsukina Farrow. She possesses one of the original ballots which had been entrusted to her by her mother. She also has feelings for Licht despite him killing her father Tokikaze. Her count is currently 760.

Is Licht hinas father?

English Voice. Sakai Tokikaze (坂井時風, Sakai Tokikaze), also known as “King of Abyss” (アビスの王, Abisu no Ō), is a character introduced in Plunderer series. He is Licht Bach’s adoptive brother and Hina’s biological father.

Count Explained Plunderer

Who are the 7 aces in Plunderer?

2. Who are the Legendary Aces?
  • Licht Bach (Ace of flashing strikes)
  • Alexandrov Grigorovich (Ace of Explosive Strikes)
  • Douan Taketora (Ace of Heavy Strikes)
  • Sakai Tokikaze (Ace of Sudden Strikes)
  • Sonohara Mizuka (Ace of Pursuit)
  • Nana Bassler (Ace of Knowing)
  • Gespenst Zerlegen (Pierce Baron)

Who is the villain in Plunderer?

An entity disguise herself as a different person under the name Firenda (フィレンダ, Firenda), also known as Nikola (ニコラ, Nikora, Funimation: Nicola) under her disguise as a male soldier, is the true main antagonist introduced in Plunderer. Her true name is yet to be revealed so far.

Who is Licht wife in Plunderer?

Epilogue. Three years after the final war, Licht and Hina are married and Hina was pregnant.

Does Plunderer have Season 2?

The Plunderer Season 2 would have been released in 2021, but it’s past that now and no hint has been shared for the renewal for the second instalment. However, the delay might be caused by the global pandemic, and we can hear the Plunderer anime Season 2 announcement in late 2022.

Who is Pele in Plunderer?

Gespenst Zerlegen (ゲシュペンス=ゼレーゲン, Geshupensu Zerēgen), or known better as Pele Poporo (ペレ=ポポロ, Pere Poporo, Yen Press: Pele Popolo), is the tritagonist of Plunderer. Gespenst is friends with Lyne Mei and also her henchmen.

Who has the highest count in Plunderer?

Licht Bach is considered the strongest Baron in Plunderer and his true count is estimated to be 3,000,000. He currently has two counts: -1002 on his left hand and 5700 on his sword.

Why is Nana’s count so low?

Abilities and Power. 300 years ago, Nana’s count is 56. Her count later reduced to only 2 because she used her ability to send Hina, Pele, Lyne, and Jail back to the past.

Who is the most powerful in Plunderer?

Schmelman Bach is the strongest character in the Plunderer series. Bach is Field Marshal of the Special Service. Even though his true count is unknown, his genes are so strong that he is the progenitor of all aces including Licht.

What did Licht see in the helicopter?

Thanks to the Royal Guards, Licht is finally able to reach to the helicopter. As he tried to land his attack, he suddenly stopped his attack due to him saw something’s unexpected inside the “Abyss Demon”.

What is inside the abyss Plunderer?

It is later revealed that the Abyss is actually a ruined Japan after the Abandonment War. There live a bunch of children who were not chosen by Althing. Due to the scarcity of natural resources, the Abyss has only a few people.

Why does Licht have a negative count?

Nana stated that this Count stands for how many girls have gotten close to him. If he turns them down, his count goes down and visa versa. His count becomes -1000 after Hina calls him a liar and says that she hates him. His current count is -1002.

Is Class A still alive Plunderer?

After the Class A saved everyone, Licht thought he see the illusion of the Class A but Tokikaze stated they aren’t illusion, he said that the Class A is actually still alive.

What Plunderer means?

Meaning of plunderer in English

someone who steals or removes things, especially in a violent or severe way: He was an art dealer and one of the Third Reich’s most notorious art plunderers. Many archaeologists regard metal detectorists as ignorant plunderers.

Where does the Plunderer anime leave off?

My Red Baron (私の撃墜王, Watashi no Gekitsui-ō,, Funimation: My Ace) is the 24th episode and the last episode of Plunderer anime.

Does Nana like Jail?

After Jail kissed Nana, Asher come close to Nana and told her that she won’t mind that Jail loves Nana, as long as both her and Asher can become Jail’s wife, in which confused Nana. Then, Sakuragi and Acel stated that Jail is more harder to be beaten now, due to Nana is now being a part of his convictions.

Who is stronger Jail or Licht?

Licht was defeated by Jail in hand-to-hand combat and Jail took his Ballot.

Does Licht Like Hina or Lynn?

Lynn has been in love with Licht since he saved her back in episode 3—despite his constant sexual harassment. Yet, ever since Hina re-entered the picture, Lynn has been a bit of a third wheel. When Licht needed someone, it was always Hina who rushed to his side.

Who is Tsukina Farrow in Plunderer?

Tsukina Farrow (月菜=ファロウ, Tsukina Farou) is a minor character introduced in Plunderer. She is the wife of Sakai Tokikaze and the mother of Hina.

How strong is jail in Plunderer?

Jail’s current count is 325000, after Alexandrov gave his Ballot to Jail. Jail has a few powers, the most prominent ones being his iron creation ability.

Who is David in Plunderer?

Davi (ダビ, Dabi, Funimation: David) is the sergeant of Althea Royal Guard. He is is the first antagonist introduced in the Plunderer series.

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