What are two effects produced by flowing water in a river quizlet?


What are two effects produced by flowing water in a river quizlet?

The two effects produced by a flowing water in a river is the conversion of kinetic energy into mechanical energy, and erosion and deposition.

What are two sources of the sediment carried by rivers?

Mass movement and runoff are two sources of sediment carried by rivers.

What form of energy does flowing water possess?

kinetic energy
Flowing water will possess kinetic energy due to its motion.

How is a Rivers potential energy changed into kinetic energy?

How is a river’s potential energy changed into kinetic energy? As gravity pulls water down a slope, the water’s potential energy changes to kinetic energy that can do work. A river’s slope, volume of flow, and the shape if its streamed all affect how fast the river flows and how much sediment it can erode.

How does the force of gravity affect river currents?

Rivers flow from high points to lower ones and eventually down to a larger body of water. The force of gravity, which makes the water flow downward, creates river currents. Many factors contribute to the strength of river currents. River currents are influenced by the volume, or amount, of water flowing in a river.

How does water temperature affect the length of a river?

For instance, water temperature varies along the lengths of the valleys. Large rivers and streams at some distance from their sources are usually in a proportional equilibrium with mean monthly air temperature.

How is process water produced from river water?

The new process for process water production from river water is divided into threestages: prefiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

How does water flow through a hydroelectric dam?

The energy of water flowing through the dam’s tunnels causes turbines to turn. The turbines make generators move. Generator s are machines that produce electricity. Engineer s control the amount of water let through the dam. The process used to control this flow of water is called the intake system.

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