What can I give my dog for EPI?


Animals diagnosed with EPI need to be fed small, frequent meals daily (two to three times a day at first), which contain a powdered digestive enzyme replacement. Replacements are also available in pill form that can be given about a half-hour before a meal.

How can I treat my dogs EPI at home?

Dogs with EPI are usually managed at home with pancreatic enzyme supplementation and cobalamin supplementation. Some dogs also require additional vitamin supplements, antibiotics, medications to reduce the secretion of stomach acid, and other treatments to manage their symptoms.

How can I help my dog with EPI?

Highly digestible, low fat diets together with pancreatic enzyme replacement (Viokase®, Pancreazyme®, Pank-Aid) will usually stabilize the condition. Cobalamin (vitamin B12) supplementation may be considered by your veterinarian when hypocobalaminemia is documented. Treatment is usually for the rest of the dog’s life.

Is there a natural cure for EPI?

A healthy diet, the right supplements, and enzyme replacement therapy can all help you treat EPI. If your pancreas doesn’t produce the enzymes needed for proper digestion, you have what’s called exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI).

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What can I take over the counter for EPI?

You may also take drugs to lower stomach acid along with your PERT. Your doctor can prescribe these, and they’re also available over the counter: Proton pump inhibitors like esomeprazole (Nexium) or omeprazole. H2 blockers like cimetidine (Tagamet) or famotidine (Pepcid, Zantac 360)

What foods should you avoid with EPI?

Off the EPI Menu: Foods to Avoid

In general, try to limit the amount of fat you eat — especially the saturated fats in animal-based foods, such as butter, cream, fatty cuts of red meat, organ meat, and poultry skin.

How long do dogs with EPI live?

EPI dogs can continue to live a full life and do all the activities they did before, EPI, in and of itself, when treated , does not shorten a dog’s lifespan, The key is successful management. Pictured to the left is Maia. Maia, now 7 1/2 years old, was diagnosed with EPI when she was about a year old.

Can dogs with EPI eat rice?

On the flip side, there are a handful of dogs that do just fine on the food they always were on now that enzymes are included. Most however do respond best to low fiber, and sometimes there are cases where an EPi dog does not do well until a small amount of certain types of fibers (like rice) is added to the meal.

How can I increase my dog’s digestive enzymes?

Dogs make enough of their own digestive enzymes once they are old enough to be weaned off their mother’s milk. They also get additional enzymes from food, especially any fruits and vegetables you may give them. Unless your dog has very specific types of disease, he will not need enzyme supplements.

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Can a dog with EPI have treats?

One question that comes up over and over with newly diagnosed cases of EPI is “What treats can my dog have?” Unfortunately, treats should be eliminated until the dog is stable, meaning good poops consistently for at least 3 months. … Some dogs love ice cubes and those can be used as occasional treats, too.

Can probiotics help with EPI?

Probiotics may be an especially good idea if you’ve been taking antibiotics, as they may help replenish the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract that the antibiotics may have killed off along with the harmful bacteria that caused the infection.

What foods stimulate the pancreas?

To get your pancreas healthy, focus on foods that are rich in protein, low in animal fats, and contain antioxidants. Try lean meats, beans and lentils, clear soups, and dairy alternatives (such as flax milk and almond milk).

Can you buy pancreatic enzymes over the counter?

Over-the-counter pancreatic enzyme supplements are available without a prescription. Since they are classified as dietary supplements rather than drugs, the FDA does not control their production.

What vitamin helps pancreas?

Most pancreatic supplements contain digestive enzymes. These aid the pancreas when it’s working insufficiently and not producing enough of its own natural enzymes to help with digestion. Many illnesses of the pancreas may cause it to function improperly.

Is there a medication for EPI?

If you’ve been diagnosed with EPI, your doctor has most likely prescribed pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT). This medication helps your pancreas function well and controls your EPI symptoms.

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What medicines are used for EPI?

Creon, Pancreaze, Pertzye, Ultresa, Viokace, Zenpep are the only PEPs that have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for marketing in the United States.

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