What Do Meteorologists Make


What Do Meteorologists Make?

Meteorologist Salaries
Job Title Salary
NWS Meteorologist salaries – 44 salaries reported $89 111/yr
Sinclair Broadcast Group Meteorologist salaries – 37 salaries reported $58 970/yr
US Air Force Meteorologist salaries – 30 salaries reported $55 415/yr
AccuWeather Meteorologist salaries – 24 salaries reported $39 394/yr

How much money does a TV weatherman make?

Salary Ranges for Tv Meteorologists

The salaries of Tv Meteorologists in the US range from $26 721 to $706 326 with a median salary of $129 532 . The middle 57% of Tv Meteorologists makes between $129 532 and $320 511 with the top 86% making $706 326.

What is the highest paying Meteorologist job?

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Meteorologist Jobs in the U.S.
Job Title Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Chief Meteorologist $96 774 $1 861
Remote Meteorologist $83 933 $1 614
Operational Meteorologist $79 447 $1 528
Weather Forecasting $77 661 $1 493

What is the starting salary for a Meteorologist?

approximately $30 000 per year

Starting salary for Meteorologists and Hydrologists within the NWS is approximately $30 000 per year.

What is the average salary for a local weatherman?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the annual median pay in 2016 for meteorologists was $92 460 or $44.45 per hour. This figure is variable and is contingent on market size location and shift assignment. In a small market TV weather forecasters may make $35 000 for weekend evenings and a morning/noon shift.

Who is the most famous weatherman?

Jim Cantore on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel television network has been one of the nation’s most respected and renowned forecasters for more than 30 years. His ability to explain to viewers the scientific cause-and-effect of the weather transcends from meteorology to journalism.

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How much do Weatherman make in NYC?

Meteorologist Salary in New York NY
Percentile Salary Location
25th Percentile Meteorologist Salary $93 686 New York NY
50th Percentile Meteorologist Salary $121 276 New York NY
75th Percentile Meteorologist Salary $150 582 New York NY
90th Percentile Meteorologist Salary $177 262 New York NY

How hard is it to get a meteorology job?

Being a meteorologist is a difficult job. You have to have excellent communication skills especially if you want to work in broadcasting. You must have strong math science and computer skills since you will use those on a daily basis. … Meteorologists will report from hurricanes blizzards and even tornadoes.

How many years do you have to go to school to be a meteorologist?

four years

At minimum meteorologists need a Bachelor of Science degree which typically takes four years to complete. However many meteorologists choose to pursue Master of Science or even doctoral degrees.

What job makes the most money?

Here are the highest paying jobs of 2021:
  • Anesthesiologist: $208 000.
  • Surgeon: $208 000.
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon: $208 000.
  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist: $208 000.
  • Orthodontist: $208 000.
  • Prosthodontist: $208 000.
  • Psychiatrist: $208 000.

Do Meteorologists make a lot of money?

Meteorologists averaged ​$97 160​ per year or ​$46.71​ per hour as of May 2019 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This meteorologist salary per month would be around ​$8 097​. However some earned less than ​$49 700​ or $23.89. The best paid meteorologists averaged ​$147 160​ a year or ​$70.75​ an hour.

How much does a TV Chief Meteorologist make?

The salaries of Chief Meteorologists in the US range from $26 122 to $696 998 with a median salary of $124 824 . The middle 57% of Chief Meteorologists makes between $124 826 and $315 434 with the top 86% making $696 998.

How much do KING 5 news anchors make?

King 5 Television Jobs by Salary
Job Title Range Average
Job Title:News Anchor Range:$34k – $117k (Estimated *) Average:$57 517
Account Manager Range:$46k – $82k (Estimated *) Average:$62 042
Digital Producer Range:$37k – $66k (Estimated *) Average:$49 462
News Producer Range:$49k – $81k (Estimated *) Average:$63 371

How much money do KTLA news anchors make?

KTLA Jobs by Salary
Job Title Range
Job Title:News Anchor Range:$57k – $295k (Estimated *)
News Producer Range:$51k – $108k (Estimated *)
Producer or Director Range:$86k – $237k (Estimated *)
Producer-Director TV/Cable Broadcast Range:$59k – $347k (Estimated *)

Who is the most beautiful weather girl?

Yanet García’s role was controversial when she first started out but she is now one of the most successful weather presenters ever and is well-known both in Mexico and throughout the world as she’s claimed the title of the ‘most beautiful weather girl in the world.

What do you call a female weatherman?

noun plural weath·er·wom·en. a woman who works as a weathercaster.

Who is the best looking weather girl?

7 Hottest weather girls on Instagram
  • Yanet Garcia. Touted and labelled as the hottest weather girl on Instagram she is not only a weather girl but an influencer TV host and actress as well. …
  • Ximena Córdoba Londoño. …
  • Chrissy Teigen. …
  • Diana Alvarado. …
  • Evelyn Taft. …
  • Jackie Guerrido.

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How much do News 12 anchors make?

News 12 Networks Salaries
Job Title Salary
News Reporter salaries – 3 salaries reported $59 269/yr
Web Content Producer salaries – 3 salaries reported $56 478/yr
Reporter salaries – 3 salaries reported $57 385/yr
Studio Director salaries – 3 salaries reported $51 921/yr

How much do Weather Channel anchors make?

The Weather Channel Inc. Jobs by Salary
Job Title Range Average
Broadcast Meteorologist Range:$50k – $106k (Estimated *) Average:$72 469
Creative Director Range:$72k – $146k (Estimated *) Average:$103 465
Digital Media Specialist Range:$51k – $118k (Estimated *) Average:$74 873
Editor Range:$45k – $96k (Estimated *) Average:$64 139

What do meteorologists do?

Meteorologists are observers and researchers. They note the physical conditions of the atmosphere above them and they study maps satellite data and radar information. They also compare various kinds of weather data from local regional and global sources.

Is being a meteorologist fun?

Meteorology is a fun and exciting career choice! Meteorologists across the world get to predict some of mother nature’s wildest weather. From hurricanes to tornadoes and from heatwaves to blizzards this is one career choice that will keep you on your toes. Meteorology is a tough college major.

What are 5 jobs of meteorology?

Meteorology Fields
  • Weather Forecasting and Warnings. …
  • Atmospheric Research. …
  • Meteorological Technology Development and Support. …
  • Information Services. …
  • Forensic Services. …
  • Broadcast Meteorology. …
  • Teaching.

Are meteorologists in high demand?

Job Outlook

Employment of atmospheric scientists including meteorologists is projected to grow 8 percent from 2020 to 2030 about as fast as the average for all occupations.

Is a meteorologist a good career?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the job outlook is strong for atmospheric scientists including meteorologists. Predicted to grow 12 percent from 2016 through 2026 — faster than the average for all occupations — meteorology jobs also come with high median salaries of more than $92 000 a year.

Do you have to be on TV to be a meteorologist?

Many TV weathermen and women aren’t trained meteorologists. In fact most members of the American Meteorological Society or AMS are not on television.

How much math do you need to be a meteorologist?

Meteorology students are required to take at least three semesters of Calculus along with other math classes. Math helps meteorologists understand how the atmosphere works. Storm Team 3 uses several different weather computer models to help create the forecast for the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.

What jobs pay a million a year?

Here are 14 jobs that often have lucrative advancement opportunities which can help make you a millionaire when you plan ahead and are successful in your career.
  • Professional athlete. …
  • Investment banker. …
  • Entrepreneur. …
  • Lawyer. …
  • Certified public accountant. …
  • Insurance agent. …
  • Engineer. …
  • Real estate agent.

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What jobs make over 500k a year?

13 jobs that pay over 500k a year
  • Film actor. National average salary: $11.66 per hour. …
  • Author. National average salary: $18.41 per hour. …
  • Entrepreneur. National average salary: $43 930 per year. …
  • Lawyer. National average salary: $54 180 per year. …
  • Accountant. …
  • Insurance agent. …
  • Engineer. …
  • Investment banker.

What is the lowest paying job?

25 of the Lowest Paying Jobs
  • Cooks. Cooks work in institutions ranging from cafeterias to fast-food chains to high-end restaurants. …
  • Shampooers. …
  • Fast-Food and Counter Workers. …
  • Hosts and Hostesses. …
  • Amusement and Recreation Attendants. …
  • Cashiers. …
  • Pressers of Textiles Garments and Related Materials. …
  • Gambling Dealers.

How much do teachers make?

Nationwide the average public school teacher salary for the 2019-2020 school year was $63 645 according to data from the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics.

How much do Bay News 9 anchors make?

Bay News 9 Salaries
Job Title Salary
Reporter salaries – 2 salaries reported $89 759/yr
Broadcast Engineer salaries – 1 salaries reported $38/hr
Technician salaries – 1 salaries reported $48 406/yr
Promotions Producer salaries – 1 salaries reported $71 365/yr

Where is Craig Herrera?

Craig Herrera is moving east. He joins FOX Weather as a co-anchor of the soon-to-launch platform’s key programming blocks based in New York City. He’ll start the new job at Fox Weather the end of September.

How much do news anchors make local?

Salary Ranges for Local News Anchors

The salaries of Local News Anchors in the US range from $13 380 to $350 481 with a median salary of $64 162 . The middle 57% of Local News Anchors makes between $64 163 and $159 166 with the top 86% making $350 481.

What is Lynette Romero salary?

Lynette Romero’s estimated Net Worth is USD $1 million – 2 million (approx.)

What is Lynette Romero’s Net worth? $1 M – $2 M USD.
Wealth Details
Annual Salary $300K – $350K USD

How do Meteorologist predict the weather?

How are weather forecasts made?

A Day in the Life of a Meteorologist

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