What do you call someone who commands a fleet?


What do you call someone who commands a fleet?

admiral, the title and rank of a senior naval officer, often referred to as a flag officer, who commands a fleet or group of ships of a navy or who holds an important naval post on shore. The term is sometimes also applied to the commander of a fleet of merchant vessels or fishing ships.

Who commands a frigate?

The six major departments in a modern frigate are the following: Executive Department – The Executive Department is responsible for the command of the ship with the First Lieutenant (Executive Officer) having overall responsibility for the Department.

What rank is a fleet commander?

Commander is the 20th rank in the United States Navy , ranking above Lieutenant Commander and directly below Captain. A commander is a Senior Officer at DoD paygrade O-5, with a starting monthly pay of $5,778….O-5 Commander – U.S. Navy Ranks.

Class Senior Officer
Basic Pay $5,778/mo

What is a tycom?

Commander, Naval Air Forces ( a.k.a. COMNAVAIRFOR, and CNAF; and dual-hatted as Commander, Naval Air Force, Pacific, and COMNAVAIRPAC) is the aviation Type Commander (TYCOM) for all United States Navy naval aviation units.

Who commands a cruiser?

Commands. Captains with sea commands generally command ships of cruiser size or larger; the more senior the officer, the larger the ship, but ship commanders do not normally hold a higher rank than captain.

What is an XO in the army?

In many militaries and police forces, an executive officer, or “XO”, is the second-in-command, reporting to the commanding officer. The XO is typically responsible for the management of day-to-day activities, freeing the commander to concentrate on strategy and planning the unit’s next move.

What is an e5 in the Navy?

A Petty Officer Second Class is a noncommissioned officer in the United States Navy at DoD paygrade E-5. A Petty Officer Second Class receives a monthly basic pay salary starting at $2,468 per month, with raises up to $3,502 per month once they have served for over 12 years.

Who is the airboss?

The Navy has a new Air Boss. Vice Adm. Kenneth Whitesell took command of Naval Air Forces and Naval Air Force, Pacific Fleet, in a ceremony Friday aboard the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt at Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, according to a Navy news release.

What does Comnavairforinst stand for?


Acronym Definition
COMNAVAIRFORINST Commander, Naval Air Forces Instruction

Who is the fleet commander in the Navy?

Fleet Commander. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Fleet Commander is a senior Royal Navy post, responsible for the operation, resourcing and training of the ships, submarines and aircraft, and personnel, of the Naval Service.

What does it mean to be an admiral of the fleet?

It is also a generic term for a senior admiral in command of a large group of ships, comprising a fleet or, in some cases, a group of fleets. If actually a rank, its name can vary depending on the country. In addition to “fleet admiral” and “admiral of the fleet”, such rank names include ” admiral of the navy ” and ” grand admiral “.

Who was the commander in chief of the Mediterranean Fleet?

In large fleets an Admiral would have overall command and on remote stations such as the Mediterranean Fleet would be referred to as the Commander in Chief. In the line of battle he commanded the centre division. His deputy would be a Vice Admiral who commanded the leading division called the Van whilst a Rear Admiral commanded the rear division.

What did a senior captain of a ship call himself?

The senior captain of a group of detached ships would also be entitled to call himself Commodore (Second Class) and hoist a broad pendant but he would continue to command his own ship and would haul down the broad pendant in the presence of an Admiral. Commodores reverted to being a Post Captain when their assigned duty ended.

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