What Does 300 Mean In Chicago


What Does 300 Mean In Chicago?

Black Disciple gang

What does 300 stand for in Chicago?

Firstly 300 or 3hunna a reference to an area of Chicago and allegedly one of the city’s street gangs Black Disciples. The second number that Keef occasionally refers to is 1017 a reference to Gucci Mane’s record label 1017 Brick Squad which Keef is affiliated with.

Is Oblock a BD or Gd?

Rapper King Von’s killing puts a spotlight on Chicago gang ties to Atlanta. The 26-year-old man had been affiliated with O Block a faction of Chicago’s Black Disciples street gang police say.

What do OTF mean?

What does OTF stand for?
Rank Abbr. Meaning
OTF Only the Family (band)
OTF On-the-Fly
OTF On the Floor (laughing)
OTF On the Phone (chat)

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Why is D Rose locked up?

Rosee just lost an appeal over his 2016 conviction for murder. D. Rose born Ahbir Sardin was accused of participating in a drive-by shooting that took the life of 14-year-old named Venzel Richardson in 2014. … Rose was sentenced to 40 years in prison for his role in the crime.

Is Gd Crip or Blood?

The Gangster Disciples are a criminal street gang formed in Chicago in the late 1960s. Their allies are the Crips and Folk Nation. Their rivals include the Bloods and People Nation in Tipton County these are Vice Lords. Members often designate themselves as part of the gang by wearing blue and black clothing.

Is Durk from O block?

Durk Derrick Banks (born October 19 1992) known professionally as Lil Durk is an American rapper and singer from Chicago Illinois. He is the lead member and founder of the collective and record label Only the Family (OTF).

What rappers are from 63rd?

63rd means King Von’s rival block.

The slang term “63rd” has been used by Lil Durk King Von Tech N9ne Toosii FBG Duck Mick Jenkins and many more rappers.

What does FTO mean in text?

What does FTO stand for?
Rank Abbr. Meaning
FTO Funky Town Osaka (song title)
FTO Figure The Odds
FTO Fight the Octopus
FTO Faery Tale Online (game)

What does GTH mean in slang?

Go to hell
(Internet slang) Go to hell.

What does OTG mean in slang?

OTG means “On the Go.”

What is RondoNumbaNine real name?

Rondonumbanine/Full name
The 17-year-old up-and-coming rapper RondoNumbaNine whose real name is Clint Massey is caught up in murder charges.Mar 10 2014

How old is Derrick Rose?

33 years (October 4 1988)

How old is the rapper D Rose?

D. Rose (rapper)
D. Rose
Age 24
Also known as Drose
Birth date June 10 1996
Birth name Ahbir Sardin

What do Gd’s call each other?

Male members of GD are referred to as “Brothers of the Struggle ” and female members are referred to as “Sisters of the Struggle.”

Who are the 3 Kings of Gd?

After Barksdale’s death the gang was taken over by two men King Larry Hoover and King Jerome ‘Shorty’ Freeman. They divided the Gangster Nation into the Black Gangster Disciples led by King Larry Hoover and the Black Gangsters led by ‘Shorty’ Freeman.

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What are the GD codes?

Geometry Dash Vault Codes – Vault of Secrets
  • Octocube – Sneaky Sneak – to unlock the octopus-shaped Icon.
  • Brain Power – Ultimate Energy – to unlock the brain-like shape icon.
  • Seven – Cant be fooled – to unlock the Finn (adventure time) icon.
  • thechickenisonfire – Burnt Chicken – to unlock a bog-water green color.

Is Fredo Santana from O-Block?

Santana grew up in Parkways Gardens specifically the “O Block ” an area known as Chicago’s most dangerous block due to the number of shootings between 2011 and 2014 according to a Chicago Sun-Times analysis.

What is O-Block Chicago?

Parkway Garden Homes locally known as O-Block or WIIIC City is a low-income apartment complex located in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago Illinois. … In recent years however the complex has become the center of one of Chicago’s most violent blocks.

Is it safe to go to O-Block?

O Block is historically a pretty dangerous neighborhood in Chicago known for its high levels of gang violence. … During an interview Lil Durk spoke about O Block revealing that Meek Mill asked him a while ago if he could accompany him to the Chicago area. Durk’s answer was wise advising him to go “at his own risk.”

Where in Chicago was FBG duck from?

south side

Chicago rapper FBG Duck was born in 1993 and raised on the often dangerous south side of the city and got involved with gangs and street violence at a young age. Duck came up as part of rap crew the Fly Boy Gang (hence the FBG prefix) which overlapped with various factions of Chicago street gangs.

What does FTA mean?

Free trade agreement

Free trade agreement (FTA)

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What does FTW mean on Instagram?

FTW – For the win.

What does FTL stand for?

Acronym Definition
FTL Faster Than Light
FTL For the Ladies
FTL Fort Lauderdale (Florida)
FTL For the Lord

What does GTS mean in text?

GTS is most commonly used with the meaning “Go To Sleep.” In this context it is typically used to end a conversation taking place late at night.

What does lips mean in slang?

To give someone some lip means to speak to someone in a way which is rude and doesn’t show respect. Examples: That rude young boy gave me some lip when I asked him to stop smoking.

What does GTK stand for?

Acronym Definition
GTK Getting to Know
GTK Group Temporal Key (network security)
GTK Good to Know
GTK GIMP Tool Kit (Widget Set for the X Windowing System)

What does out the gate mean?

If something happens right out of the gate it happens right away immediately from the start.

What OGT means?

Original Gangster Tool someone who claims to have been a fan of rock/metal band Tool since the beginning term appears in Tool’s 1996 song “Hooker with a Penis”

What is the abbreviation of VGA?

video graphics array

VGA. abbreviation for. video graphics array a computing standard that has a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels with 16 colours or of 320 × 200 pixels with 256 colours.

How tall is Von?

It seems that King Von (real name Dayvon Daquan Bennett) was 5′ 9″ (or 175cm).

How old is rondonumber9?

24 years (February 18 1997)

How old is Harden?

32 years (August 26 1989)

How old is curry?

33 years (March 14 1988)

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