What does a 2012 Chevy Suburban weigh?


What does a 2012 Chevy Suburban weigh?

Used 2012 Chevrolet Suburban Specs & Features

Curb weight 5824 lbs.
Front track 68.2 in.
Gross weight 7400 lbs.
Ground clearance 9.1 in.

How many tons does a Suburban weigh?

All of the Suburban models with a rear wheel drivetrain weigh 5586 pounds. 5808 pounds is the weight of the 2018 Chevy Suburban’s in four wheel drive.

How many tons is a Suburban 1500?

The Suburban is offered in half-ton (1500) and three-quarter-ton (2500) capacity ratings. For 2005, the popular Z71 Off-Road Package is offered on two-wheel-drive half-ton models and on trucks equipped with four-wheel drive.

How much does my Chevy Suburban weigh?

18-in. aluminum (std.)…CURB WEIGHT, CARGO VOLUME & TRAILERING.

Curb Weight (lb. / kg): 5586 / 2534 (2WD) – 5.3L 5808 / 2635 (4WD) – 5.3L 5756 / 2611 (2WD) – 6.2L 6021 / 2731 (2WD) – 6.2L
Cargo Volume^ (cu. ft. / L): 121.7 / 3446 (behind first row) 76.7 / 2172 (behind second row) 39.3 / 1113 (behind third row)

How much horsepower does a 2012 Chevy Suburban have?

320 to 352 hp
2012 Chevrolet Suburban/Horsepower

What transmission does a 2012 Suburban have?

6-speed automatic
Transmission, 6-speed automatic, heavy-duty, electronically controlled with overdrive and tow/haul mode (Requires 3/4 ton models.) Rear axle, 3.73 ratio (Requires 3/4 ton models.)

What does a 2010 Suburban weigh?

5,846 to 6,551 lbs
2010 Chevrolet Suburban/Curb weight

What does a 2011 Suburban weigh?

2011 Chevrolet Suburban/Curb weight

Does Chevy make a 1 ton Suburban?

However, for 2015, General Motors (GM) decided to relegate “heavy-duty” Chevrolet Suburban sales to fleets, and upgraded its chassis from a 3/4-ton capacity to a one-ton capacity, renaming it the Suburban 3500HD. …

Does Chevy still make a 3/4 ton Suburban?

From 1973 to 2013, and again from 2016 to 2020, it had been available in half-ton and 3/4-ton versions. Chevrolet discontinued this option for the public during the tenth generation model’s tenure in 2013 due to slow sales.

What is a 1/2 ton Suburban?

The half-ton (1/2-ton) Chevrolet (Chevy) Suburban (“1500”) is one of the most popular vehicles on the road, and with the “K2XX” Platform, the Suburban became more powerful, more luxurious, and provided a more comfortable ride than any model produced before it.

How much can a 2012 Suburban tow?

5,000 to 9,600 lbs
2012 Chevrolet Suburban/Towing capacity

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