What Does At Par Mean?


What Does At Par Mean?

How do you use the phrase at par?

Use at par in a sentence | at par sentence examples
  1. Your shares are at par.
  2. Call option at par on Feb. …
  3. A 1,000,(at par)000 certificate of deposit was issued at par with a coupon of 10.5 percent and 91 days to maturity.
  4. This currency exchanges at par.

What is the meaning of at par to someone?

If you say that two people or things are on a par with each other, you mean that they are equally good or bad, or equally important.

Is it on par or at par?

We say a golfer scores “at par”, because literally his numerical score is at a certain point, namely the number that is par. “On par” might work to, but it is not as correct to say a number is on another number, but it is correct to say a score is at a number. So at is better for numbers.

What is a par in business?

Performance and accountability reporting (PAR) is the process of compiling and documenting factors that quantify an institution’s profitability, efficiency and adherence to budget, comparing actual results against original targets.

Why was funding at par important?

Reasoning. Hamilton recommended funding at par because he believed that this would improve the image of the United States on the global scene. It would also be a place that would cultivate foreign investment.

Is not at par meaning?

: good enough : as good as expected or wanted She was checking to see if his work was up to par. usually used in negative statements His coursework is not up to par. She’s not feeling up to par.

Where do we use par?

It is used to indicate the manner in which something is done, the reason behind an event, the direction something moves, or the amount of something per some unit of measurement. In everyday conversation, you might use par when giving directions to someone or to describe how an event occurred.

What is a par meeting?

The PAR technique is a way to build strong answers to behavioral interviewing questions. The idea is to provide a specific example or story of how you have performed well on the job in the past. This can help the employer see how you might do a good job for them. PAR stands for Problem Action Result.

What is the meaning of par *?

noun. an equality in value or standing; a level of equality: The gains and the losses are on a par. an average, usual, or normal amount, degree, quality, condition, standard, or the like: above par; to feel below par.

Did Hamilton want to fund the national debt at par?

In this plan, Hamilton persuaded Congress to fund the entire national debt at par, meaning that the federal government would pay off its debts at face value plus accumulated interest. This would strengthen the national credit by creating public confidence in the small Treasury department.

Why did the US have so much debt in the 1790s?

Where did that debt come from? Well, the Continental Congress, the rough equivalent of the Federal government in revolution-era America, lacked the power to tax. It first tried to pay for stuff by printing money. This currency, known as the Continental, collapsed.

Is par short for something?

The word “par,” officially entered the golf lexicon in 1911 when the USGA put it in play. But the word itself was around long before that. Generally, “par” was used when talking about stocks, as in, “a stock may be above or below its normal or par figure,” according to the USGA.

Is it bar or par?

As nouns the difference between bar and par

is that bar is bar while par is pair, couple.

What is par sentence in English?

A sentence is a grammatically complete idea. All sentences have a noun or pronoun component called the subject, and a verb part called the predicate.

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