What does it mean if someone is collegial?


What does it mean if someone is collegial?

A collegial office describes the shared responsibility or congenial relationship of colleagues, meaning people who happily or pleasantly work together. The word collegial can also be a synonym for collegiate, describing something that is like or typical of colleges or colleges students.

What’s another word for collegial?

What is another word for collegial?

friendly cordial
neighbourlyUK neighborlyUS
warmhearted comradely
matey chummy
palsy bonhomous

What is the difference between collegiate and collegial?

What’s the difference between collegial and collegiate? Both words, and the root word college and the related term colleague, stem from the Latin word collega, meaning “colleague.” But for the most part, collegial refers to a state of mind, while collegiate is a more concrete adjective.

What is a collegial relationship?

The relationship between two colleagues who consider themselves to be colleagues and take themselves to have special reasons to treat each other preferentially can be regarded as collegial.

How do I become collegial?

7 Ways a Chair Can Promote Collegiality

  1. Consider how a faculty candidate might fit into and contribute to the department.
  2. Reach out to marginalized faculty members.
  3. Clearly articulate what the department needs; value individual contributions.
  4. Use appropriate communication.
  5. Set expectations for senior faculty.

Is there a word collegially?

col·le·gi·al adj. 1. Full of or conducive to good will among colleagues; friendly and respectful: an office with a collegial atmosphere.

What is opposite of collegial?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for collegiality. disfavor, intolerance.

What’s the opposite of collegial?

What is the opposite of collegial?

antagonistic hostile
unfriendly unsociable
rude disagreeable
cold unkind
hateful antisocial

What is a collegial discussion?

Collegial discussions are mutually respectful conversations between student colleagues in a group or classroom environment.

What is the opposite of collegial?

Is collegially a word?

What is a collegial culture?

The collegial culture: a culture that finds meaning primarily in the disciplines represented by the faculty; that values faculty research and scholarship and the quasi-political governance processes of the faculty; that holds untested assumptions about the dominance of rationality in the institution; and that conceives …

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