What does Odysseus have to do before he can be at peace?


What does Odysseus have to do before he can be at peace?

What is his request? He must drink the blood in order to speak to a living person. He tells Odysseus and his men that if they DO NOT eat Helios’ cattle then they will make it safely home. If they DO eat the cattle then all his men will die, but Odysseus will still make it home and later die in peace.

What gift does Odysseus bring to the Island?

What gift did Odysseus bring with him when he meets the Cyclops? Brought a gift of liquor (wine/brandy) with him to the Cyclops’ island.

What does Odysseus sacrifice in the Odyssey?

Odysseus pledges to slaughter his best hiefer for the dead when he arrives home. He also swears to sacrifice a black lamb for Tiresias.

What does Odysseus wish for here?

Odysseus wishes that when he returns home his wife and son are safe. He wishes that Alcinous enjoys his wife and children, that the gods give them everything they need, and that no harm ever comes to his island and people. The Phaeacians layed Odysseus out in the sand.

What must Odysseus learn and accept in order to bring an end to the plight he faces in the Odyssey?

Ultimately, Odysseus learns that the best place for him to be is where is wife and family are: at home on Ithaca. Odysseus made his first mistake with Polyphemus, the cyclops. He should never have boasted his name and bragged of his accomplishment. That was what got him into so much trouble with Poseidon.

What do Odysseus men want to do?

When Odysseus and his men arrive on the Cuclops island, how many ships do they have with them? What does Odysseus take with him when he leaves the ship? What do Odysseus men want to do when they arrive at the Cyclops cave? What does Odysseus want to do?

What does Odysseus bring with him and where did he get it?

When Odysseus goes to inspect the cave that he later learns belongs to the Cyclops, Polyphemus, he brings with him a goat skin bottle of dark wine that was given to him by Maron, a priest of Apollo, who watches over Ismarus (the first stop Odysseus and his men had made after leaving Troy).

Why must Odysseus make sacrifices to Poseidon?

He also warned Odysseus that, if his men were to kill the cattle of Helios, they would perish. Lastly, he advised Odysseus to make a sacrifice to Poseidon after arriving home if he wanted to live the rest of his life in peace. Odysseus ends his storytelling and asks Alcinous and Arete again for help getting home.

What does Odysseus wish those outside the palace to believe is taking place within Why?

What does Odysseus want those outside his palace believe is happening within the palace? Odysseus wants the people outside the palace to think that there’s a wedding feast going on so that it won’t seem strange that the suitors aren’t out and about in the town.

What did Odysseus do to drive his men back to Aeolia?

When they are near home, Odysseus’ men open the sack, letting loose a storm that drives them back to Aeolia. Aeolus casts them out, having decided that they are detested by the gods.

What does Ino say to Odysseus in the Odyssey?

Says Poseidon is angry but Odysseus will not drown. Ino gives him her veil and tells him to use it as a sash to swim to Skheria and once on Skheria discard sash. He doubts her at first then eventually listens and abandons his raft

Why was Penelope so clever in the Odyssey?

Penelope is. o It is important that Penelope be clever because she weaves her textiles and then unravels them each night. She says “let me finish my weaving before I marry” o He thinks he is justified. This is just how things work. Her husband has been gone for a very long time so the people have been without a king.

Why was Odysseus angry at the empty Noddle?

• Odysseus is angered by this point because they accuse him of being old and not good – he is just a middle aged man who doesn’t want to be bothered by their sport. He knows he is good thus is insulted • Empty noddle = empty brain.

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