What does other thing mean?


What does other thing mean?

An unexpressed alternative. ‘if you keep a lot of rules I’ll reward you, and if you don’t I’ll do the other thing’

What does among other things mean?

: in addition to things that are not specifically mentioned The study found, among other things, that men and women are equally at risk for the disease.

What can I say instead of other things?

What is another word for another thing?

additionally further
else more than that
in conjunction with for that matter
not only that otherwise
anyhow anyways

What is another thing for thing?

What is another word for thing?

object item
piece stuff
element article
component contraption
implement material

How can I use any other?

Any other can be used with both singular and plural nouns, as in these examples: Singular: Any other man would have opened the door for a lady. Plural: I haven’t met any other men who open doors for ladies.

How do you use the other?

You can use ‘the other’ when you’re talking about two things or people and you want to talk about two things or people and you want to talk about the second thing or person. The first sandwich has cheese, the second or the other doesn’t. She has a bracelet on one wrist and on the other she wears a watch.

How do you use amongst other things?

You use expressions like among other things or among others to indicate that there are several more facts, things, or people like the one or ones mentioned, but that you do not intend to mention them all. He moved to Ohio in 2005 where, among other things, he worked as a journalist.

Where can you use among other things?

1. He moved to England in 1980 where, among other things, he worked as a journalist. 2. The conference discussed, among other things, the problem of environmental protection.

How can I use another thing?

—used to refer to something to express the idea that it is very different in nature from something else Recognizing the problem is one thing, but finding a solution is another thing altogether/entirely.

Do things thesaurus?


  • accomplishment.
  • act.
  • action.
  • deed.
  • performance.
  • thing.
  • exploit.
  • performing.

What is the opposite of thing?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of an event or occurrence. nonevent. nonissue.


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