What does socked someone mean?


What does socked someone mean?

To hit or strike forcefully; punch. A hard blow or punch. Idiom: sock it to (someone) Slang. To deliver a forceful comment, reprimand, or physical blow to someone else.

What does taking your socks off mean?

informal. If something knocks your socks off, you find it extremely exciting or good: I’m going to take you to a restaurant that’ll knock your socks off.

What is socking someone in the face?

To punch someone very hard. When he made that comment about their mother, Pete went up and socked him one right in the eye.

Where did the term socked come from?

“Socked in” is the weather term of the day. In the early days of aviation, this term was used to describe weather at an airport when ceiling/visibility were of such low values that the airport was effectively closed to aircraft operations. The term probably originated from reference to the wind sock.

What is mean by thumped me on the back?

Thumped me on the back means hit me with something like with hand, etc…

What does throwing a bash mean?

It means “hold/arrange a party”.

What does it mean to stick out your neck?

Today’s Phrase If you stick your neck out, it means you take a risk by saying or doing something that other people might not like. Examples: John stuck his neck out and told the boss what we thought of him.

What does it mean to be socked by a girl?

socked verb intransitive To be socked,means to be treated like a bitch,no if or buts. That feeling of putting on a fresh new pair of socks When a girl has sex with a guy in a masculine or dominating fashion to be socked, is when your dick in a sock and slap a girl with it. the act of male mastubating into a sock.

What is the meaning of the word sock?

sock 1 (sŏk) n. 1. A garment that covers the foot and part of the leg usually made of cotton or wool and worn for warmth or for protection from abrasion from a shoe or boot.

What does it mean to hold something at arm’s length?

Definition of ‘at arm’s length’. at arm’s length. If you hold something at arm’s length, you hold it away from your body with your arm straight. He struck a match, and held it at arm’s length.

What is the meaning of the word forearm?

noun Anatomy. the part of the arm between the elbow and the wrist. to prepare in advance or beforehand, especially for difficulties. the part of the arm from the elbow to the wristRelated adjectives: cubital, radial (tr) to prepare or arm (someone, esp oneself) in advance

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