What does SVC mean on John Deere?


What does SVC mean on John Deere?

If an arrow with “SVC” has appeared in the lower left-hand corner, pointing to the left, the computer is alerting you that engine service will be necessary soon. A similar arrow will appear in the lower right-hand corner, pointing to the right, if mower deck service is necessary soon.

How do you reset a John Deere SVC?

Turn the ignition key to the “Run” position, but do not start the engine. Leave the key in this position for two hours, then turn the ignition key to the “Stop” position and remove the key. The service timer will reset and come on when the next service interval is reached.

What transmission is in John Deere x300?

Tuff Torq K46
John Deere X300 Transmission

Transmission Tuff Torq K46
Type belt-driven hydrostatic
Gears infinite forward and reverse
Oil change sealed unit, owner service is not recommended

What is a K46 transmission?

The K46 is the most popular integrated hydrostatic transaxle (IHT) in the world…and for good reason. This power unit has all the features and performance of much larger and more expensive transaxles, all at a very affordable cost and in a small and purpose-focused design.

When should I service my John Deere tractor?

Replace after every 1500 hours or 2 years, whichever occurs first. Replace at every fourth change of Primary Air Filter, or after 4500 hours or 3 years, whichever occurs first. Replace after first 100 hours, then after first 500 hours and every 500 hours thereafter. Change Transmission Oil Filter as well.

How do you reset the service interval on a John Deere 6150m?


  1. Press the menu button.
  2. Select Performance Monitor.
  3. Select Performance Monitor Settings softkey.
  4. At Performance Monitor page go to Service Alarm Interval box, and select it.
  5. Adjust service interval [If using thumb wheel, rotate thumb wheel forward or rearward to change hour setting displayed.] .

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