What does Teach For America look for in a candidate?


What does Teach For America look for in a candidate?

Seeking: Leaders who believe in the potential of all kids and are committed to making it happen.

How can I make my resume stand out as a teacher?

6 Ways to Make Your Resume for Teaching Jobs Stand Out

  1. Mirror the Job Description. You shouldn’t just read through the job description.
  2. Focus on Your Accomplishments. Rather than describing your responsibilities and tasks, write about your accomplishments.
  3. Remove Irrelevant Details.
  4. Utilize the Summary Section.
  5. Create a Professional Format.
  6. Know Who You’re Addressing.

How does a kindergarten teacher make a resume?

Kindergarten Teacher Resume Writing Guide

  1. Contact Information: First Name, Last Name, Phone Numbers and Email Address and Location.
  2. Career Summary:
  3. Qualifications Summary:
  4. Relevant Teaching Experience:
  5. Other Employment Experience:
  6. Skills Summary/Key Skills:
  7. Education/Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training:

What skills does a kindergarten teacher need?


  • Proven working experience as a Kindergarten Teacher, Kindergarten Assistant or Teacher Aide.
  • Excellent knowledge of child development and latest education theories and practices.
  • Creative and artistic teaching abilities.
  • Teaching and organisation skills.
  • Patience and flexibility.
  • Strong communication skills.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a kindergarten teacher?

Kindergarten Teacher duties and responsibilities

  • Assist in designing a complete teaching plan.
  • Follow the teaching plan.
  • Teach alphabet.
  • Teach numbers.
  • Teach personal, social and emotional skills.
  • Use and organise learning material and resources.
  • Use songs, stories and games to motivate children to participate.

What is the objective in a resume for a teacher?

Sample teacher resume objectives to leverage

  • To obtain a position as an elementary school teacher that will utilize my dedication to children’s educational needs and development.
  • To encourage creativity and higher-order thinking in a way that increases student performance.

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