What does The 1N in in4001 stands for?


What does The 1N in in4001 stands for?

1N is stands for American standard semiconductor (Generic name) with ONE JUNCTION. 400X Series like 4001,4002 to 4007 is indicates the voltage, current and power rating of the diodes. 1N= Means One Junction between P-type and N-Type. 400= Means Serial number of the rectifier.

What is a 1A diode?

These general-purpose 1N4001 diodes have a wide variety of uses. Diodes let current flow in one direction (anode to cathode). Commonly used for rectifying voltage, these diodes can also be used to protect against reverse polarity voltage. 1-amp forward current with a maximum 30-amp surge. Package of two diodes.

What do the numbers mean on a diode?

Decode the diode type and material designation. This is designated by the “1N” in the part number. The “1” identifies the component as a diode. The “N” shows the material in the device is a semiconductor. The number after the diode and material-designation codes is the model or part number.

What is in in in4007 diode?

1N4007 is a rectifier diode, designed specifically for circuits that need to convert alternating current to direct current. It can pass currents of up to 1 A, and have peak inverse voltage (PIV) rating of 1,000 V. Note: This product has a minimum quantity restriction (20nos) for order.

Is 1N4007 a Schottky diode?

1N4007 is a PN junction rectifier diode. 1N5819 is a Schottky diode with 2 pins, a peak current of 25A, and an operating temperature range of -65°C~ +125°C. It is commonly used in high frequency applications like Inverters, DC-DC converters etc.

Can I use 1N4001 instead of 1N4007?

Yes. The 1N4007 can withstand a higher reverse voltage(Vr), 1000V vs. 50V.

How do you read numbers on a diode?

The first number indicates the number of junctions int he semiconductor device. The serial number follows the first digit and the two semiconductor device type letters. The numbers run between 10 and 9999.

What is the voltage drop of 1N4007?

0.6V is a forward drop voltage of 1N4007.

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