What does the abbreviation COR stand for?


What does the abbreviation COR stand for?


Acronym Definition
COR Change of Responsibility
COR Contracting Officer’s Representative
COR Church of the Resurrection
COR Conference of Religious (UK)

What does Cor stand for in business?

What does COR stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
COR Cost of Revenue
COR Corrected/Correction
COR Combined Operation Ratio
COR Cost of Rework (financial management)

What are legal abbreviations?

ALD(Cri) – Andhra Legal Decision (Criminal) ALD – Andhra Legal Decisions. ALD-SC – Andhra Legal Decisions (SC) APLJ – Andhra Pradesh Law Journal. AnWR – Andhra Weekly Reporter.

What is the acronym for Court?

Court of Appeal Abbreviations

State Court of Appeals Abbreviation
California Cal. Ct. App.
Colorado Colo. App.
Connecticut Conn. App. Ct.
Delaware (Court of Chancery) Del. Ch.

What is Cor in court?

COR means Contracting Officer’s Representative duly authorized by the Contracting Officer.

What is the full form of Cor?

COR – Certificate Of Recognition.

What does Cor stand for in project management?

The role of the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) is fundamental to effective post award management of service contracts. They are designated by the contracting officer to perform the technical monitoring and oversight of contract requirements.

What does a a o mean in legal terms?

LAWSUIT ACRONYMS, LEGAL LINGO, LAWYER, JUDGE, and COURT CLERK JARGON. A/A/O or a/a/o = as assignee of (added to name of plaintiff when plaintiff bought the debt from original creditor or prior assignee of original owner of the promissory note, loan contract, or debt)

What does Ind assignment mean in court?

For example, it can mean “independent.” It can also mean “intensive narcotic detoxification.” Another possible meaning is “indictment.” In the world of medicine, IND means “investigational new drug.” This abbreviation may appear in a court record involving these types of drugs.

What is a COR in contracting?

A Contracting officer’s representative is an individual designated in accordance with DFARS subsection 201.602-2 and authorized in writing by the contracting officer to perform specific technical or administrative functions.

What does legal abbreviation COR mean?

Meaning; COR: Change of Responsibility: COR: Contracting Officer’s Representative: COR: Chain of Responsiblity

What does Cor mean military?

In military, COR means contracting officer representative. The meaning of COR is contracting officer representative.

What does Cor stand for in construction?

Certificate of Recognition (COR) is a health & safety certification program for organizations in construction and related industries. COR is proof a company’s safety program meets nationally established standards outlined by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations.

What does a Cor do?

A: The purpose of COR is to ensure that workers and work sites are safe from injury, illness, and death. COR assists workers and employers in creating a safety culture by providing guidelines and support services to increase worker awareness of safe working conditions and encourage the reporting of unsafe practices.

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