What does the phrase a dog’s dinner mean?


If someone is described as being ‘dressed like a dog’s dinner’, it means they are wearing clothes which are inappropriate for the occasion or too formal. This is quite a negative way to describe someone! Examples.

Where does the phrase dogs dinner come from?

What’s the origin of the phrase ‘Dog’s dinner’?

It is largely used in the UK, where it originated in the early 20th century. This is an adaptation of the earlier related phrase ‘a dog’s breakfast’. The dog’s dinner version refers to someone whose dress is flashy and containing many colours and accessories.

What does Dogs dinner mean in England?

[British] a situation, event, or piece of work that is chaotic, badly organized, or very untidy. The government’s latest proposals are a dog’s dinner. Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary.

What does the phrase a dog’s breakfast mean?

Definition of a dog’s breakfast

British, informal. : something that is messy or poorly done It was a dog’s breakfast of a match, and our coach was understandably upset.

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What does the phrase like a dog mean?

To work very hard. The phrase sometimes implies that the work is demeaning. I’ve been out here working like a dog while you sit inside sipping lemonade. … I worked like a dog all summer to earn enough cash to buy my guitar, and it was all worth it.

Is dogs dinner or dog’s breakfast?

You describe something as a dog’s breakfast or dog’s dinner in order to express your disapproval of it, for example because it is very untidy, badly organized, or badly done.

What does donkey work meaning?

Definition of donkeywork

: monotonous and routine work : drudgery.

What does make a pig’s ear of things mean?

Definition of make a pig’s ear (out) of

British, informal. : to do or manage (something) badly He has made a pig’s ear of his reelection campaign.

What does it mean to give in to others?

give in to (someone or something)

To submit, concede, or yield to someone or something; to surrender or acknowledge defeat to someone or something.

What is the meaning of Bob’s your uncle?

Definition of and Bob’s your uncle

British, informal. —used to say that something is easy to do or use Just complete the form, pay the fee, and Bob’s your uncle!

What is a rip snorter?

noun Informal. something or someone exceedingly strong or violent: a ripsnorter of a gale. something or someone remarkably good or exciting.

What is the definition of put a sock in it?

Definition of put a sock in it

informal. —used to tell someone to stop talking I wish someone would tell him to put a sock in it.

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What does it mean when someone says your like a dog with a bone?

phrase​informal. DEFINITIONS1. not willing to stop until you have finished dealing with something, especially a problem that is worrying you.

What does let sleeping dogs lie?

Definition of let sleeping dogs lie

: to ignore a problem because trying to deal with it could cause an even more difficult situation I thought about bringing up my concerns but decided instead to let sleeping dogs lie.

What is 1 idiom that is used to describe a dog?

Be Like a Dog With Two Tails

It originates from the wagging of a dog’s tail as a sign of happiness. Example: “He been like a dog with two tails ever since he had that big win at the races.”

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