What font is closest to Stranger things?


What font is closest to Stranger things?

ITC Benguiat
In 2016, the 1980s-throwback Netflix show Stranger Things prominently featured ITC Benguiat in its branding. The family is available in three weights with matching italics as well as condensed styles.

How many alphabets did Ed benguiat draw?

Benguiat passed away Thursday, October 15, 2020. He drew over 600 typefaces in his lifetime. That’s a lot of letters! Especially when you consider that they were all drawn by hand with pencil, pen, ink and brush.

What does ITC mean for fonts?

The International Typeface Corporation
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The International Typeface Corporation (ITC) was a type manufacturer founded in New York in 1970 by Aaron Burns, Herb Lubalin and Edward Rondthaler.

What is the Stephen King font?

ITC Benguiat Gothic
ITC Benguiat Gothic is a sans-serif variant for the original serif font family….ITC Benguiat Gothic.

Category Sans-serif
Designer(s) Ed Benguiat
Foundry International Typeface Corporation (ITC)
Date created 1979

Who created the Stranger Things font?

Ed Benguiat
The Stranger Things font name, ITC Benguiat, was created by legendary typographer Ed Benguiat.

What inspired herb lubalin?

Inspired By Herb Lubalin # Herb Lubalin was an American graphic designer who spent his career designing everything from advertising, posters, and even postage stamps. He was fascinated by the look of words and how typographic design can make them sound.

Why was the International typeface Corporation ITC established?

The company was founded to design, license, and market typefaces for filmsetting and computer set types internationally. The company issued both new designs and revivals of older or classic faces, invariably re-cut to be suitable for digital typesetting use and produced in families of different weights.

What font does the FBI use?

Use in popular culture Paramount’s FBI warning, from 1995–present, also uses ITC Benguiat.

Who made the Stranger Things font?

The logo was created with the ITC Benguiat font designed by New York typographer, Ed Benguiat. It was chosen, according to Michelle Dougherty at Imaginary Forces, to look like a Stephen King novel font meets a title sequence of Alien (which was designed by Richard Greenberg).

Where did Stranger Things font come from?

The font used is ITC Benguiat, named after it’s inventor Ed Benguiat.

Where is Neville Brody now?

Brody is equally passionate about creative education and is currently Professor of Visual Communication at London’s Royal College of Art.

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