What happened to Bill Evans WABC?


What happened to Bill Evans WABC?

WABC-TV. Evans was the Senior Meteorologist for Eyewitness News This Morning and Eyewitness News at Noon. He is now on WLNG Radio.

Who was Bill Evans first wife?

In August 1973, Evans married Nenette, and, in 1975, they had a child, Evan. The new family, which also included Evans’s stepdaughter Maxine, lived in a large house in Closter, New Jersey. Both remained very close until his death. Nenette and Bill remained married until Evan’s death in 1980.

Where is Amy Freeze working now?

Fox Weather
Amy Elizabeth Freeze (born June 19, 1974) is an American television meteorologist. She is currently the anchor and meteorologist for Fox Weather.

Is Bill Evans retired?

After eight years with the Shubert Organization, Evans will retire effective March 31.

Did Bill Evans play with Miles Davis?

Evans would join Miles Davis’s band in April, 1958, replacing pianist Red Garland. During this period Evans’s opportunities and focus on his own career would lead him to depart the group, then rejoin in early 1959 for the recording of Davis’s epic Kind of Blue. “Bill had this quiet fire that I loved on piano.

What is Lee Goldbergs salary?

Lee Goldberg Salary Lee currently working as the Chief Meteorologist at ABC7 Channel 7’s Eyewitness News in New York earns an estimated annual salary ranging from $50,000 – $110,000.

Who is Amy Freeze husband?

Gary Arbucklem. 1994
Amy Freeze/Husband

Who did Sam Champion replace?

New mom Ginger Zee’s maternity leave replacement will feel right as rain for Good Morning America fans. Longtime meteorologist Sam Champion is returning to the studio to fill in for Zee, 34, ABC announced Monday. Champion, 54, will give GMA’s weather report next week.

Is Bill Evans dead?

Deceased (1929–1980)
Bill Evans/Living or Deceased

What Miles Davis albums did Bill Evans play on?

With Miles Davis

  • 1958 Miles (1958)
  • Kind of Blue (1959)
  • Jazz at the Plaza (1973)
  • At Newport 1958 (2001)

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