What happened to Native Americans when settlers came from Europe?


What happened to Native Americans when settlers came from Europe?

Europeans carried a hidden enemy to the Indians: new diseases. Native peoples of America had no immunity to the diseases that European explorers and colonists brought with them. Diseases such as smallpox, influenza, measles, and even chicken pox proved deadly to American Indians.

What did Native American tribes experience during the early 1800s?

During the early 1800s, Native American tribes experienced which of the following? They lost land as the nation expanded westward. They challenged the authority of the United States government over them. They suffered at the hands of Andrew Jackson.

Why was the Native American vulnerable during the colonial era?

Native Americans were also vulnerable during the colonial era because they had never been exposed to European diseases, like smallpox, so they didn’t have any immunity to the disease, as some Europeans did.

What was the conflict with Native American tribes?

Conflict with Native American Tribes. In western Georgia and eastern Mississippi Territory (now Alabama), General Andrew Jackson’s forces defeated factions in the Creek Nation’s ongoing civil war that opposed expansion of U.S. settlements in Creek territory, raising Jackson’s national profile and forcing the Creeks to negotiate a peace treaty.

Why was trade important to the New England colonists?

Trade was one of the first bridges between New England colonists and local Native American populations. For the colonists, it was about building the infrastructure and relationships they would need to stay and thrive in the New World. For the Native Americans, it was often about building potential alliances.

How did epidemics affect the Native American population?

Though many epidemics happened prior to the colonial era in the 1500s, several large epidemics occurred in the 17 th and 18 th centuries among various Native American populations. With the population sick and decreasing, it became more and more difficult to mount an opposition to European expansion.

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