What happens in Oaklore keep in DragonFable?


What happens in Oaklore keep in DragonFable?

During the time the hero stayed in Oaklore, the keep was under constant attack from the locals ranging from box-crazed Sneevils , stinking Vurrmens and bandits, lots and lots of bandits.

Which is the access point to Oaklore keep?

Access Point: Falconreach (Books 1 and 2) -> 2 Left -> Sir Viss -> To Oaklore! Captain Rolith: Welcome to Oaklore Keep, home to the honorable Knights of the Pactogonal Table. Captain Rolith: What would you like to know? What is a Dragon Amulet? Captain Rolith: A Dragon Amulet is an item of great power.

What do the Knights do at Oaklore keep?

From this stronghold the knights are able to maintain the river crossing, as well as patrol the surrounding forest and offer assistance to the nearby town of Falconreach. Oaklore keep has grown into a vital hub, and new visitors to this part of Lore often stop here to learn the lay of the land before proceeding into town.

How to invite Artix in DragonFable Oaklore keep?

To invite Artix on Dragonfable, all you have to do is go to Necropolis, talk to him, select invite, and pick friend A or B. How do you pick a combination lock? You don’t. By definition a combination lock has no key]

What do you get for defeating enemies in Oaklore keep?

Captain Rolith: Defeating enemies will reward you both experience and gold. Completing quests or leveling up will save your hard earned rewards. Captain Rolith: You can sell and buy items in shops all over Lore to make and spend gold. What is the Book of Lore? Captain Rolith: The Book of Lore tells the story of you, the Hero!

What do you do as loremaster of Oaklore keep?

Maya: As the keep’s Loremaster it is my duty to record the deeds of the knights and research the local history and folktales of Oaklore. Maya: That means that I have to intreview people and visit local places, but most of my research comes from these wonderful books! Maya: Some rare books contain legends, stories and secrets.

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