What happens to fire in space?


What happens to fire in space?

Fire is a different beast in space than it is on the ground. When flames burn on Earth, heated gases rise from the fire, drawing oxygen in and pushing combustion products out. In microgravity, hot gases don’t rise. Space flames can also burn at a lower temperature and with less oxygen than fires on Earth.

Can astronauts use fire in space?

Playing with fire can be dangerous and never more so than when confined in a space capsule floating 250 miles above the Earth. This process feeds fresh oxygen to the fire and the upward flow of hot air gives the flame its characteristic teardrop shape. …

How is there fire in space without oxygen?

The burning that a star does, then, is a nuclear reaction, and not a chemical one like the fires on Earth (when a candle burns, the atoms themselves remain unchanged: just the molecules are affected). So, the Sun can “burn” hydrogen to helium without the need for oxygen.

Can fire burn on Mars?

We know that fire can only burn naturally on our planet, and Mars doesn’t have a dense atmosphere or enough oxygen to allow flames to burn – but space station and spacecraft fires are a very real danger, and with crews living and working in close proximity, fire would be disastrous.

How quiet is it in space?

Space isn’t completely quiet — in fact, it’s rather loud. That being said, if you scream in space, the sound will still technically travel; just at too low a frequency for our ears to be heard. In essence, there’s no medium for the vibrations to travel through.

Can a candle burn in space?

Candle flames behave differently in outer space (microgravity) than they do on earth, primarily because microgravity provides an environment that lacks buoyant convection, which normally plays an important role in maintaining and shaping a flame on earth.

Is it possible to smoke in space?

We know that NASA astronauts are not allowed to smoke or drink while they’re working up there. Smoking would create a major safety hazard, after all, and cannabis is still illegal in most of the U.S. But exciting new research is showing us it may be a possibility after all!

Can wood burn in space?

In space, of course, you can’t have any fires because there isn’t any oxidizer (i.e. oxygen) to sustain the combustion process. In space, of course, you can’t have any fires because there isn’t any oxidizer (i.e. oxygen) to sustain the combustion process.

How is space cold?

In space, there is no air or water, so the only way to lose heat is by radiation, where your warm and wiggly atoms release energy directly into space.

Does fire exist on other planets?

Earth is the only known planet where fire can burn. Everywhere else: Not enough oxygen. 6. Conversely, the more oxygen, the hotter the fire.

Is space completely dark?

How dark does space get? If you get away from city lights and look up, the sky between the stars appears very dark indeed. Above the Earth’s atmosphere, outer space dims even further, fading to an inky pitch-black. And yet even there, space isn’t absolutely black.

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