What is a DD Form 1801?


What is a DD Form 1801?

DD Form 1801, DoD International Flight Plan, is a document used by military pilots operating an aircraft on flights from, to, or within international airspace according to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules and procedures. The aircraft cannot be flown until a flight plan has been filed.

What are flight information publications?

Flight Information Publications (FLIPs) or Flight Guides are produced by commercial organisations to meet the need to provide authoritative documentation in a convenient form for use in flight. One or more manuals listing general aeronautical information and information specific to the countries covered by the FLIP.

What does DCT mean on an 1801?

Route designator (or the letters “DCT” if departure airport is outside a designated route segment followed by the point of joining the first designated route).

What landing surface does Chennault International have?

Facilities and aircraft Chennault International Airport covers an area of 1,310 acres (530 ha) at an elevation of 17 feet (5 m) above mean sea level. It has one concrete paved runway designated 15/33 which measures 10,701 by 200 feet (3,262 by 61 m).

Does the military file flight plans?

While civilian aircraft must file flight plans when going through the FIR of an Air Traffic Service authority, military aircraft are not required to do so under international law, Dr Ng added.

What is a flight information handbook?

These publications are designed to provide enroute information portraying high and low altitude airway systems with related navigational data and airports required to support radio navigation. Products include Flight Information Handbooks, supplements, and low/high altitude sheets.

Who maintains and publishes the Flight information Publication flips?

Department of Defense Flight Information Publications used for flight planning, en route, and terminal operations. FLIP is produced by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) for world-wide use.

What 6 things are included in a flight plan?

They generally include basic information such as departure and arrival points, estimated time en route, alternate airports in case of bad weather, type of flight (whether instrument flight rules [IFR] or visual flight rules [VFR]), the pilot’s information, number of people on board and information about the aircraft …

How do I file a SFRA flight plan?

B. How to file a VFR SFRA FAA/Domestic flight plan from the Maps page:

  1. Open the Route Editor on the Maps view.
  2. Set the departure or destination for the arrival or departure gate you will be using.
  3. Enter your route of flight.
  4. Set your VFR altitude.
  5. Use the SEND TO button to send the flight plan to the Flights view.

What does DCT mean in flight plan?

direct legs
Most of the time, an IFR route resides on airways. However, there are cases where a valid IFR route goes from one waypoint directly to another without an airway in between. These are marked by “DCT” in the flight plan.

How to complete the international flight plan dd-1801?

The following describes items to be completed on the international flight plan DD-1801. • Use capital letters. • Adhere closely to the prescribed format. • Report hours in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC, or Zulu). • Use the 24-hour clock (e.g., 1800Z, 0930Z, etc.).

Can a DoD flight plan be filed on FAA Form 7233-1?

Any flight plan filed through a FSS or FAA contracted flight plan filing service; with the exception of Department of Defense flight plans and civilian stereo route flight plans, which can still be filed using the format prescribed in FAA Form 7233-1. DOD Form DD-175 and FAA Form 7233-1 are considered to follow the same format.

How many general planning books are there in the DoD?

GENERAL INFORMATION 1 GENERAL INFORMATION GENERAL – DoD FLIP Planning consists of one (1) General Planning (GP) book, nine (9) Area Planning (AP) books, and seven (7) elec- tronic-only AP/1B Military Training Route (MTR) charts.

How many flip planning books are there in the US Navy?

GENERAL – DoD FLIP Planning consists of one (1) General Planning (GP) book, nine (9) Area Planning (AP) books, and seven (7) elec- tronic-only AP/1B Military Training Route (MTR) charts. Since it is designed for US military use, FLIP Planning contains aeronautical infor- mation that may not be applicable to other users.

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