What Is A Virtual Geocache


What Is A Virtual Geocache?

Virtual Caches. A Virtual Cache is about discovering a location rather than a container. The requirements for logging a Virtual Cache vary. You may be required to answer a question about the location take a picture complete a task etc. … Virtual geocaches are a legacy cache type.

What’s the point of geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor activity that is similar to a treasure hunt. The goal of the activity is to find hidden containers known as caches or geocaches using a portable satellite navigation device called a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver.

What is usually in a geocache?

A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook and sometimes a pen or pencil. The geocacher signs the log with their established code name and dates it in order to prove that they found the cache. After signing the log the cache must be placed back exactly where the person found it.

What are the four different types of a geocache?

These are the four primary cache types:
  • Traditional Geocache: This is the original cache type and most straightforward. …
  • Mystery or Puzzle Caches: Solve the mystery or puzzle to reveal the correct coordinates. …
  • Multi-Cache: A cache with two or more “stages.” The final location has a container with a logbook inside.

Are there different types of geocaching?

While there are officially 17 cache types it is possible for as many as 19 to be visible in Geocaching.com’s official statistics page.

Official Active:
  • Traditional.
  • Mystery or Puzzle.
  • Multi-cache.
  • Earthcache.
  • Letterbox Hybrid.
  • Event.
  • Cache In Trash Out.
  • Mega-Event.

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Can you take stuff from a geocache?

One of the guiding principles of geocaching is “take something leave something.” A geocache hider places a number of goodies in a container when a new cache is first started. … If you take something from a cache be sure to leave something. If you forgot your trade items just sign the logbook.

What are the three main rules of geocaching?

Follow Leave No Trace guidelines in the natural environment. Be careful of the area around the cache—don’t trample the grounds rip up sprinkler heads etc. in your frenzy to find the cache. Follow all laws and regulations. Never enter private property without permission.

What are good things to put in a geocache?

10 Trinkets You Can Put In A Geocache
  • 3 Toy Soldiers.
  • 4 Coins. …
  • 5 Jewelry. …
  • 6 Disposable Rain Ponchos. …
  • 7 Kid’s Meal Toys. …
  • 8 Keychains. …
  • 9 Trading Stones. …
  • 10 Small Compasses. Chances are that the place you are looking for the geocache is somewhere you and other searchers have never been before. …

What should you not put in a geocache?

Explosives fireworks ammunition lighters knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools) drugs alcohol and any illicit material should not be placed in a cache. If someone other than you places an inappropriate item in a cache that you own and this is reported the cache may be temporarily disabled.

Should you leave something at a geocache?

While some caches host trackables or unique SWAG items some geocaches aren’t so lucky. The etiquette around geocaching SWAG is simple. If you take something leave something behind of equal or greater value.

What is the most common geocache?

Traditional Cache

Traditional Caches are the most common and are a great place to start if you are new to geocaching. These geocaches will be a container at the gps coordinates listed on the cache page.

What geocache has been found the most often?

The ‘most found traditional geocache’ in the world is a distinction that’s currently neck and neck. Two traditional geocaches both have more than 12 400 finds. That’s more than twice as many finds as the Geocaching HQ geocache in Seattle and more than any other traditional geocache in the world.

How do you geocache?

What are 4 geocache hiding guidelines?

Submission and review process
  • Get accurate GPS coordinates. GPS usage is an essential element of hiding and seeking caches. …
  • Place your geocache. A geocache must be in place and ready to be found before you submit the cache page for review.
  • Don’t hide caches far from home. …
  • Plan ahead.

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What is a mystery geocache?

Known as Puzzle or Unknown caches as well Mysteries are a “catch-all” geocache type that involves solving puzzles in order to decode the correct cache coordinates or crack secret clues to unlock a cache’s stash.

Does geocaching cost money?

Never! The traditional Geocaching game will always be free. Subscriptions will be for new enhancements and new games added to Groundspeak.

What does Muggle mean in geocaching?

non-magical person

Muggle. A non geocacher. Based on “Muggle” from the Harry Potter series which is a non-magical person.

How do I geocache for free?

Go Geocaching for Free
  1. Step 1: Signing Up. First off if you haven’t sign up for Geocaching.com then do it now. …
  2. Step 2: Downloading C:GEO and Signing In. In the Play Store search for “c:geo” and download the app. …
  3. Step 3: Using the App. …
  4. Step 4: Prep the Device. …
  5. Step 5: Find the Cache.

Is geocaching still popular 2020?

Whether you’re a seasoned geocacher or you’re new to the activity you’ll be happy to know that yep geocaching is still a thing. According to the folks at the official Geocaching headquarters there are more than 3 million active geocaches located around the world.

What do geocache containers look like?

Geocache boxes come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be anything but they are usually small weatherproof boxes made of metal wood or plastic. You might find a camouflaged Altoids tin a can of mixed nuts or an ammo box. The cache will be hidden (but not buried) in a safe non-intrusive place.

What are some dangers of geocaching?

At the top of the dangers is that you might not find the cache. While this might not sound so bad if you have an intense desire to find the certain item you might be out in the forest or street for many hours. Sometimes caches are taken from their GPS location by people (children) or by groundskeepers.

What does TFTF mean in geocaching?

Thanks for the Find

TFTF. Thanks for the Find (geocaching)

How do I geocache with my phone?

Go to geocaching.com to choose one of millions of geocaches hidden worldwide. Use your smartphone app or GPS to navigate to the cache. Keep an eye out so you can spy the cache’s camouflaged hiding place. Once you find the cache sign the logbook exchange one item and put everything back like you found it.

What do you write in a geocache logbook?

At a minimum the cacher’s name/initials and the date it was found. Large caches have log books that allow you to write a complete account of your finding the cache. Other logs are barely large enough for the finder’s initials. Most Cache Owners want to know about your experience hunting and finding their cache.

How safe is geocaching?

That all said geocaching is about as safe as most outdoor activities and safer than many. You can mitigate the risks by being prepared for the weather not taking unnecessary risks knowing your limitations and staying aware of your surroundings.

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How many geocaches are there?

Today more than 1.4 million geocaches have been hidden and found by more than 4 million people worldwide.

Which GPS best for geocaching?

What Is The Best GPS Device for Geocaching?
Top Pick Garmin eTrex 30x 010-01508-10 Handheld Navigator Best GPS device for Geocaching Simple compact & intuitive High-Res color screen
Garmin GPSMAP 64st Best high end GPS device Long lasting dual battery pack Excellent screen resolution

Is there a free geocaching app?

If you’re an Android user and you’re looking for an open source full-featured geocaching app definitely take a look at c:geo (Free). The app is great for using offline as it lets you save maps and caches for offline viewing and log caches offline (everything will automatically sync once the connection is restored).

What state has the most geocaches?

State #caches
1. District of Columbia 5
2. Ohio 446
3. New York 492
4. South Carolina 222

How do virtual Geocaches work?

A Virtual Cache is about discovering a location rather than a container. The requirements for logging a Virtual Cache vary—you may be required to answer a question about the location take a picture complete a task etc… In any case you must visit the coordinates before you can post your log.

Is geocache safe for kids?

Geocaching is great for kids of any age. It’s a fun combination of outdoor exploration and technology. It’s perfect for parents that want to be more outdoorsy and adventurous.

Who has the most geocache hides?

Aerial Video Clips – Many taken near geocaching locations
Row Geocacher Caches Found
1 mondou2 222952
2 Alamogul 215830
3 Alamogul 191542
4 mondou2 184642

What country has the most geocaches?

I would not feel that is is unfair to say that geocaching is the most popular in Norway if you count by caches per capita. All below that has small populations ans few caches so one active cache hide can make a large difference. The exception might be Aland Islands with 1385/100 000 .

What does a question mark mean in geocaching?

A question mark indicates an “unknown” cache–what that usually means is there is some sort of puzzle involved that you must solve in order to get the coordinates.

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