What is American According to the speaker in Theme for English B?


What is American According to the speaker in Theme for English B?

You’re white, yet you’re also a part of me—just like I’m a part of you. That’s what being an American means. Sometimes you don’t want to be part of me—and sometimes I don’t want to be part of you, either. But we’re still part of each other—really!

How does Theme for English B act as a self representation for the narrator?

“Theme for English B”, As a Representative of Self: This poem is about the speaker’s attitude, interests, and background. The professor asks the narrator to write a page about himself. In this way, all of his doubts, questions, and hesitations become his page for English B.

What does the narrator struggle with in Theme for English B?

“Theme for English B” What is the narrator struggling with in the poem? How do you know? The narrator struggles with people treating him differently because of the color of his skin.

What Is Theme for English B by Langston Hughes about?

“Theme for English B” is a poem about the complexities of identity in a racist society. Its speaker—a black student at Columbia University in the 1950s—receives an apparently straightforward assignment: to write one page about himself. Race is obviously important to his identity.

What is the mood of Theme for English B?

The mood of this poem is very inspiring. Hughes writes how he is very accepting to the fact that he’s African-American. It’s inspiring because, if he is happy with who he is-even being treated unfairly-then we should learn to love ourselves.

What do you think the speaker means by saying that he and his instructor are a part of each other how do you know?

In “Theme For English B”, the speaker says that he and the instructor are part of each other. He believes that despite the fact that he was a colored man and the instructor was white, they were still inseparably tied to each other.

What is the thesis of Theme for English B?

Through his poem “Theme for English B”, Langston Hughes expresses his will to exterminate discrimination by proving that despite different skin colors, Americans all share similarities and learn from each other. Langston wrote the poem in 1900, when black Americans were not considered Americans.

Who is Hughes speaking to in Theme for English B?

Within ‘Theme for English B,’ Hughes creates a young, twenty-two-year-old narrator who speaks about his own experience as a black man in a primarily white community. Despite having been written decades ago, this poem, like many others Hughes wrote, is still applicable to today’s society.

How does Langston Hughes convey the message in the poem?

In, “I Too, Sing America”, Hughes uses race as a symbol of oppression on African Americans as well as a sign of hope for the future. It is seen in his poem, Let America be America Again, that he doesn’t only want racial equality for African Americans but for all races. …

Why is the setting important in Theme for English B?

By Langston Hughes Our speaker is taking an assignment from his instructor. Right away, the setting lets us know a few things: education is a focus here, and so is power. The speaker is a student, and so he is motivated to learn (or, at least, he should be!). At the same time, he’s got instructions to follow.

What literary devices are used in Theme for English B?

Literary devices used in the poem “Theme for English B” include alliteration, imagery, personification, rhetorical questions, and euphemism.

Who is the speaker addressing in Theme for English B?

The speaker of “Theme for English B” self-identifies as a black person, “the only colored student in my class.” For the first half of the poem, the speaker emphasizes the ways in which his ethnicity separates him, physically and figuratively, from his white classmates and professor.

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