What is an interesting fact about Christopher Paul Curtis?


What is an interesting fact about Christopher Paul Curtis?

Curtis has been awarded dozens of other accolades for his eight published works. His latest book, Elijah of Buxton, won the Newbery, the Coretta Scott King Author Award, and the Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction in 2008. In 2009 Curtis launched a project called “Writing Adventures” hosted at UM-Flint.

What is Christopher Paul Curtis favorite thing about writing?

He said he prefers to write in longhand because “it slows me down.” It takes him about a year to write a book. He said:“The main thing about my writing life is I have a lot of fun. I enjoy the writing process.

What does Christopher Paul Curtis like to do?

Christopher currently lives in Detroit, Michigan and in his free time still enjoys reading, playing basketball and collecting music.

Why was Bud Not Buddy written?

She suggested that we save and budget and make it possible for me to leave the factory and devote myself entirely to writing. That’s when I started really working on The Watsons Go to Birmingham — 1963. I got the idea for the book from a trip I took with my own family several years before.

Does Christopher Paul Curtis have any hobbies?

Curtis’s hobbies include playing basketball, collecting old record albums, and, of course, writing. His favorite books include anything by Toni Morrison, Kurt Vonnegut, or Zora Neale Hurston. He lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, with his wife, Kaysandra, and their two children, Steven and Cydney.

What is Christopher Paul Curtis favorite book?

Go to Birmingham
Christopher Paul Curtis used to say that The Watson’s Go to Birmingham–1963 was his favorite novel, because it got him out of the warehouse.

When did Christopher Paul Curtis marry?

Some of the works he composed were letters to Kaysandra, a registered nurse whom he met in 1977 and married 11 years later. Curtis quit working at the plant in 1985, and worked at a variety of other jobs.

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