What is another name for a set of instructions?


What is another name for a set of instructions?

What is another word for set of instructions?

manual handbook
instruction book schoolbook
vade mecum instruction booklet
instruction manual directory
reader encyclopediaUS

What is manual book?

1 : a book that is conveniently handled especially : handbook an instruction manual.

What is another word for work instructions?

What is another word for instructions?

information guidelines
remit mandate
directives directions
guidance orders
command directive

What’s another word for following directions?

What is another word for follow orders?

listen heed
mind observe
consider note
regard accept
follow obey

What is the synonym of manual?

handbook, set of instructions, instructions, instruction book, guide, companion, reference book, ABC, guidebook. vade mecum.

What is handbooks and manuals?

Handbooknoun. A topically organized book of reference on a certain field of knowledge, regardless of size. Manualnoun. A booklet that instructs on the usage of a particular machine.

What are the instructions opposite for?

What is the opposite of instructions?

ignorance naivete
thoughtlessness misconception
imprudence insensitivity
negligence blindness
neglect withholding

What is the opposite of instructional?

Opposite of serving to teach or give information about. unenlightening. unilluminating. uninformative. uninstructive.

What is a synonym for compliance?

acquiescence, agreement, assent, consent, concession, concurrence, acceptance. complaisance, tractability, malleability, biddableness, pliability, docility, meekness, submissiveness, submission, passivity.

Which is the best definition of a book of instructions?

book of instructions – a manual usually accompanying a technical device and explaining how to install or operate it. instruction manual, instructions, operating instructions. manual – a small handbook.

What is another word for ” set of instructions “?

Synonyms for set of instructions include manual, handbook, guide, instructions, enchiridion, guidebook, bible, companion, primer and text. Find more similar words at

What was the name of jesus’book of instructions?

In addition to writing pieces of prose and verse for various magazines and hymns, he published two devotional books, Light; and The Risen Life, 1883; and a book of instructionsfor children entitled The Pattern Life, 1885. Story Behind The Hymn Alleluia! Sing To Jesus

What is the purpose of an instruction manual?

What is Instruction Manual? (Definition) An instruction manual, also known as “user manual” is an important document that helps your customers get on board with your product or service quickly, or help them solve an issue when they get stuck.

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