What Is Another Word For Future


What is a better word for future?

In this page you can discover 89 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and related words for future like: prospective anticipated forthcoming inevitable coming time in the course of time to-be tomorrow approaching impending and imminent.

What’s another word for into the future?

What is another word for into the future?
hereafter henceforth
hereinafter eventually
hereupon in future
ultimately as of now
in the future from this day forth

What is a synonym for bright future?

bright future ahead > synonyms

»great future exp. »golden future exp. »better future exp. »future bright exp.

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What is a word for future plans?

Use the noun foresight to describe successful planning for the future.

What is used to describe sense of future?

A foreboding is a foretelling a sign or a glimpse that “something wicked this way comes” — or might come. If something doesn’t “bode” well it means that the future doesn’t look good. A foreboding is a glimpse or a feeling that bad things are going to happen. It’s a premonition or look into the future.

What is the synonym of promising?

good encouraging favourable hopeful full of promise auspicious propitious optimistic positive bright rosy likely-looking heartening reassuring. unfavourable inauspicious ominous.

What does a promising future mean?

adj showing promise of favourable development or future success.

How do you say you have a bright future?

Nevertheless here are some alternative phrases:
  1. ‘has proven skills worth developing’
  2. ‘could soon achieve excellence’
  3. ‘deserves recognition for their achievements’
  4. ‘has enviable proficiency’
  5. ‘has risen admirably to recent challenges’

What do you call a person who tells the future?

Definition of fortune-teller

: one that professes to foretell future events.

What is the synonym of assurance?

Some common synonyms of assurance are aplomb confidence and self-possession.

What does a bright future mean?

(one) has a bright future ahead (of one)

One is poised or has the potential for a very successful life or career in the future.

What is another word for promising results?

In this page you can discover 66 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and related words for promising like: encouraging hopeful likely assuring budding cheering swearing apt bright happy and rising.

What does hope for the future mean?

1 sometimes pl a feeling of desire for something and confidence in the possibility of its fulfilment.

What means foreseeable future?

Definition of in/for the foreseeable future

: at a time that is not long from now : soon We have no plans to sell our house in/for the foreseeable future.

What does shape your future mean?

to influence the way that a person idea or situation develops. His generation firmly believed they could shape the future.

What to say instead of you’ll do great?

Example Sentences
  • WISH YOU ALL THE BEST! I know this is a hard project to run. …
  • WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK! This will not be an easy test so make sure you give it your all. …

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Whats the opposite of bright future?

Opposite of future with good prospects. dark future. gloomy future. grave future. grim future.

What are the synonyms for bright?

synonyms for bright
  • blazing.
  • brilliant.
  • dazzling.
  • flashing.
  • glistening.
  • glittering.
  • golden.
  • intense.

Who is famous for predicting the future?

Michel de Nostredame Nostradamus

He wrote an almanac for 1550 and as a result of its success continued writing them for future years as he began working as an astrologer for various wealthy patrons.

Michel de Nostredame
Nostradamus: original portrait by his son Cesar
Born 14 or21 December 1503 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Provence Kingdom of France

What is a synonym for reliability?

Synonyms:honest sincere fine genuine decent truthful principled irreproachable good upstanding loyal faithful committed stalwart true diehard solid steadfast constant.

What is a synonym for validation?

Some common synonyms of validate are authenticate confirm corroborate substantiate and verify. While all these words mean “to attest to the truth or validity of something ” validate implies establishing validity by authoritative affirmation or by factual proof.

What is a synonym for peace of mind?

serenity peace of mind tranquillity of mind composure inner peace calm inner calm peace repose heartsease peacefulness ataraxis.

What does a good future mean?

Someone or something that is promising seems likely to be very good or successful. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

How can I have a good future?

Start with these five keys inspired by Drucker and imagined for today’s fast-moving uneasy times:
  1. Make friends with uncertainty and change. …
  2. Look for and find the future. …
  3. Practice relentless self-development. …
  4. Remove and improve. …
  5. Determine your goals beyond the workplace.

What it takes to have a bright future?

Seeking a brighter future requires energy knowledge and commitment. The most important thing to remember though is this: you only need to change YOUR OWN FUTURE and not the whole world. … A brighter future is not the stuff of wishes and hopes it is the result of plans and actions.

What is a better word for the?

What is another word for the?
this the aforementioned
the already stated the previously mentioned

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What is the synonym of auspicious?

Synonyms & Antonyms of auspicious
  • bright
  • encouraging
  • fair
  • golden
  • heartening
  • hopeful
  • likely
  • optimistic

What does a promising start mean?

: likely to turn out well or be good a promising start.

What is a hopeful person called?

adjective. someone who is optimistic is hopeful about the future and tends to expect that good things will happen.

What is the correct meaning of the word optimism?

Definition of optimism

1 : a doctrine that this world is the best possible world. 2 : an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome expressed optimism about the future of the business the optimism of cheerleaders.

How do you give hope to the future?

Here are some ways to spread some sunshine and bring hope to the lives of others.
  1. Demonstrate love and care. We all need to feel that we are loved and cared for every now and then. …
  2. Make them feel they deserve happiness. …
  3. Show them acceptance. …
  4. Offer help. …
  5. Show them appreciation. …
  6. Help them find their passion. …
  7. Stay connected.

What Is the indefinite future?

Future indefinite indicates that an action or occurrence has not happened yet and will take place at some point in the future. Example: She will watch television. The example indicates that the action of watching has not happened yet and is yet to happen in the future.

What is unforeseeable future?

: impossible to predict or expect. See the full definition for unforeseeable in the English Language Learners Dictionary. unforeseeable.

What’s the meaning of Midtown?

Definition of midtown

: a central section of a city especially : one situated between sections conventionally called downtown and uptown.

What is another word for future plans?

What are you going to do? Simple Future Tense – Will/ Be Going To/ Be+ing

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