What is Cunifer tubing?


What is Cunifer tubing?

Cunifer™ is the highest quality copper-nickel tubing available. For over 20 years, FedHill has been the exclusive importer of the original Cunifer™ tubing made in Britain. It is a seamless alloy that – Is DOT approved and exceeds the SAE specification J1640 for copper-nickel tubing. Is completely corrosion proof.

Does Cunifer work harden?

They were strong and did not work harden, but they were difficult to work with, unless one had special equipment not normally available to the hobbyist. Besides being difficult to bend to fit, steel lines were extremely susceptible to corrosion. The reaction was to coat the steel with a corrosion resistant material.

Do copper-nickel brake lines rust?

Copper nickel will not rust because the copper does not hold and absorb moisture. Stainless steel brake lines rust inside since there is no coating to protect the lines from absorbing the moisture. Copper nickel’s ability to avoid moisture leads to a longer life span against wear and tear.

What is Kunifer made of?

Cunifer Material is an alloy, a mixture of different metals. Its name, Cunifer, is actually derived from its three main components: copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), and iron (Fe). This alloy has its own set of notable properties. It holds excellent heat exchange capabilities and is virtually resistant to corrosion.

What is Cunifer metal?

Cunifer is an alloy of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe). Cunifer is corrosion and seawater resistant. The most widely used ratio between copper and nickel is CuNi 90/10. Cunifer is often used in the maritime sector for piping systems, heat exchangers, appendages, cooling water systems and extinguishing systems.

Are copper brake lines illegal in Australia?

In fact further investigation suggests that whilst it is true that it is illegal to use 100% copper tube for brake pipes, the product that we use in the UK, which is a copper/nickel alloy and sold under the name “Kunifer” (sometimes Cunifer) is in fact perfectly legal in Australia.

What is cupro nickel worth?

China Cupro-Nickel Scrap

Commodity Price Change
Nickel 147450.00 0

What is cupro nickel used for?

Cupronickel is highly resistant to corrosion by salt water, and is therefore used for piping, heat exchangers and condensers in seawater systems, as well as for marine hardware. It is sometimes used for the propellers, propeller shafts, and hulls of high-quality boats.

What is the best brake pipe material?

The best brake line material is considered to be stainless steel because they resist both punctures and rust.

Is copper tubing OK for brake lines?

If it’s soft copper tubing, like lots of garages used to use for brake line repairs, NO. The new stuff that one can bend without a bender is fine, DOT approved, but the old stuff can burst under pressure.

What kind of pipe is a cunifer pipe?

cunifer pipes, copper nickel flanges and copper nickel pipe fittings forms a strong copper nickel pipe system. Cunifer pipes are also called copper nickel pipe, theys are mainly used in seawater for anti-corrosion. These cunifer pipes are smart products to function in caustic environments, such as ship & offshore platform.

How are Cunife pipes used in the sea?

Cunifer pipes , cunife pipes are widely used in condensers and piping mechanisms in seawaters. Cunifer pipes , cunife pipes act as wonderful heat exchangers in the sea. Cunifer pipes , cunife pipes are also used in industries of petrochemical, electrical and chemical industries.

What are the dimensions of a shihang cunifer pipe?

Shihang Cunifer Pipes are ASME B36.19M, DIN 86019, EEMUA 144 and MIL-T-16420 compliant, with either C71500 (70/30) or C70600 (90/10) grades available. Shihang Cunifer pipe dimensions vary from ½ inches to 16 inches NB and OD in distinctive thickness.

Is the cunifer copper nickel brake line soft?

Cunifer copper nickel brake line is soft When it comes time to make brake line fitting connections you will need to flare the end of the tube. If you use a professional tool like our high speed flaring kit this point isn’t that important because it works well on any type of tube.

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