What is destination called in French?


What is destination called in French?

destination → arrivée, destination.

What is destination in Latin?

The noun destination comes from the Latin word destinare, meaning “determine, appoint, choose, make firm or fast.” If you choose a destination, that’s where you intend to end up, the “finish line” or goal that you keep in mind, like a friend’s house that is the destination of a walk that might be interrupted a number …

How do you say destination in different languages?

In other languages destination

  1. Arabic: مَقْصَد
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: destinação.
  3. Chinese: 目的地
  4. Croatian: odredište.
  5. Czech: destinace cílové místo.
  6. Danish: destination.
  7. Dutch: bestemming.
  8. European Spanish: destino meta.

What is the synonym of destination?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for destination, like: journey’s end, goal, aim, target, objective, stopping-place, address, location, terminus, landing place and destinations.

What is your profession in French formal?

Social Norms. In France, asking about what someone does for a living is considered a personal question. If you have to ask, be sure to preface your question with Si ce n’est pas indiscret , which translates as, “If you don’t mind my asking …”

How do you write nationality in French?

The French translation for “What is your nationality? (informal)” is Quelle est ta nationalité?.

Is Destinate a word?

To destine, to choose. (possibly nonstandard) To set a destination for (something), to send (something) to a particular destination.

How do you use destination in a sentence?

Examples of destination in a Sentence After stopping for lunch, we continued on toward our destination. The package reached its destination two days later. He enjoys traveling to remote and exotic destinations. We traveled through three states before reaching our final destination.

What is Destination antonym?

destination. Antonyms: operation, tendency, exercise, action, movement, design, initiation, project, effort. Synonyms: purpose, intention, design, consignment, object, end, fate, doom, arrival, application, use, scope, appointment, point, location, goal, aim.

What is the opposite of a destination?

Opposite of an end goal or ambition. purposelessness. aimlessness. directionlessness. irresolution.

What are three fields that use a lot of French terms?

Some typically French professions

  • pâtissier/pâtissière (pastry chef)
  • charcutier/charcutière (pork butcher)
  • brasseur/brasseuse (brewer)
  • boulanger/boulangère (baker)
  • boucher/bouchère (butcher)
  • coiffeur/coiffeuse (hairdresser)
  • instituteur/institutrice, professeur (teacher/professor)
  • ingénieur (engineer)

How do you say different jobs in French?

Here are just a few of the most common you might refer to your career in French:

  1. Le métier (occupation)
  2. Le boulot (work – casual)
  3. Le travail (work)
  4. L’emploi (employment)
  5. Le poste (post, position)
  6. La carrière (career)
  7. La vocation (vocation)
  8. L’opportunité d’emploi (job opportunity)

What does it mean to go on vacation in France?

1 – French Holiday Vocabulary. bonnes vacances! = have a good holiday! bon voyage! = have a good trip! bonne route! = have a safe journey! les grandes vacances = school summer break. partir en vacances = to go on holiday/vacation.

Where can I find the dates of French vacation?

For more info and exact French vacation dates, go to the French School Vacation Government Site. Of course, as soon as you hit the vacation starting / ending dates, France is in a gridlock.

When do kids go on vacation in France?

French kids enjoy 16 weeks of vacation (+ all the long weekends and official holidays…) The French school vacation is divided as follows: France’s Summer break: “les grandes vacances”, July and August, so 8 weeks total. France’s Fall vacation: “les vacances de la Toussaint“, mid October, 2 weeks.

How is the vacation time in France divided?

Since 1964, France is divided into “zones” to facilitate the departure of students for vacation : France is cut into three zones (A, B, C) and the vacation time spread over one month so that there is enough room for everybody in the ski stations! I am NOT kidding…

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