What is Jamaica doing to help reduce climate change?


What is Jamaica doing to help reduce climate change?

Jamaica has become the first Caribbean nation to submit a tougher climate action plan under the Paris Agreement by adding targets for forestry and stepping up curbs on greenhouse gas emissions from energy.

What causes the most change to the environment?

Greenhouse Gases Burning fossil fuels changes the climate more than any other human activity. Carbon dioxide: Human activities currently release over 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.

What is climate change in Jamaica?

There will be continuing increases in sea-surface temperatures for Jamaican waters with projected increases ranging between +0.9˚C and +2.7˚C by the 2080s (State of the Jamaican Climate 2012). Projected rainfall changes range from -44% to +18% by the 2050s and -55% to +18% by the 2080s.

How is Jamaica affected by global warming?

At a Glance Rising temperatures and intense rainfall events increase incidence of vector-borne and waterborne diseases already endemic to the country. Groundwater recharge is also inhibited by warming temperatures, increasing water stress vulnerabilities for households and the agriculture sector.

How does climate change affect agriculture in Jamaica?

Citrus and root crops are sensitive to changes in temperature and precipitation (moisture). With projected increases in drought conditions and up to 2.8 degree Celsius rise in temperature in the next 60 to 70 years, Jamaica’s domestic crops will be under stress and food security will be threatened.

What is the biggest environmental problem in Jamaica?

Jamaica faces a number of environmental issues, among them water scarcity, as mining and extraction activities contaminate already limited water resources. Deforestation is also a serious problem, leaving the island nation even more susceptible to the devastating impacts of natural disasters.

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