What is one lesson the reader can learn from Bronx Masquerade?


What is one lesson the reader can learn from Bronx Masquerade?

The use of poetry versus prose allows the characters to share their struggles in a more comfortable setting. Ultimately, as each poem is shared with the class, the students get insights into each others’ lives and begin to form a connection based on their common experience and shared emotions.

What is the point of view of the Bronx Masquerade?

Bronx Masquerade is told from the first person point of view of all the major characters. Each section is dedicated to a character and that character continues their own story from a first person point of view. This perspective allows the reader to see what each character goes through in a deeply personal way.

What is the theme of Chankara troupe chapter and poem?

Chankara’s poem is all about the abuse she witnesses her sister taking. Even though Chankara knows the truth, she sees her sister lying and covering up for these jerks and knows she doesn’t want to end up like that.

What happens at the end of Bronx Masquerade?

Basically, this ending is all about hope for the future. Open Mike Fridays have been a success and Mr. Ward isn’t going to stop them. Instead he’s going to keep this love and tolerance train going for another year, helping another class of students connect with themselves and each other.

What makes Tyrone the main character in the Bronx Masquerade?

Tyrone Bittings is the main character of Grimes’ Bronx Masquerade because the novel begins and ends from his perspective.

Is the Bronx Masquerade a true story?

The characters in Bronx Masquerade are my peeps! So, while these characters are all fictional, they come from someplace real. (There is one real person in the book, though: Mr. That character is based on a teacher and poet I am honored to call my friend.)

What life lesson does Sheila learn from Wesley?

In the end, Sheila admits Wesley is right and realizes that the way to make friends and gain acceptance isn’t changing her name or her background; it’s just being herself. People will like her for who she is, so she just has to accept herself and be comfortable in her own skin.

What is the theme of bruised love?

“Bruised Love.” It is about how her sister is so powerless with guys who beat her and she doesn’t have any lame excuses. She has known the truth at ten that her sister is lying when she says “I bruise easily.”

What is the lesson summary of Bronx masquerade?

Lesson Summary. Bronx Masquerade is one of many noteworthy books by Nikki Grimes that reflects the experience of African Americans and other minorities through unique poems. The use of poetry versus prose allows the characters to share their struggles in a more comfortable setting.

Why does Tyrone go to school in Bronx masquerade?

The only reason he goes to school is for his friends. He wants to be a hip-hop star, but he does not think he will live long enough to do so. His father died before he was 30 years-old in a drive-by shooting. His father had become clean and sober before he died so Tyrone has some good memories of him.

Who is mr.ward in the Bronx masquerade?

Mr. Wardappears in Bronx Masquerade. Mr. Ward is the teacher for this high school English class. It is his idea to have Open Mike Fridays, so the kids can read their poetry. He believes in his students and wants them to be high achievers.

Who is bad boy in the Bronx masquerade?

Already opposed to school and its many requirements, student Wesley ‘Bad Boy’ Boone is additionally opposed to writing an essay about a movement that included new forms of artistic expression. He suggests writing a poem instead.

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