What is ozone layer depletion causes and effects?


What is ozone layer depletion causes and effects?

The main effect of ozone depletion is an increase in UV-B rays reaching the earth’s surface. Causes : chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs), halons, and other compounds deplete the ozone layer. CFCs and halons break down into chlorine and bromine which in turn destroy the ozone layer.

What effect does ozone depletion have on environment?

The ozone layer acts as a natural filter, absorbing most of the sun’s burning ultraviolet ( UV ) rays. Stratospheric ozone depletion leads to an increase in UV -B that reach the earth’s surface, where it can disrupt biological processes and damage a number of materials.

What is the harm from the depletion of Earth’s ozone layer Mcq?

Increased amount of ultraviolet radiation will reach the Earth’s surface.

What is bad ozone Class 10?

Apr 05, 2020. Here, ground-level or “bad” ozone is an air pollutant that is harmful to breathe and it damages crops, trees and other vegetation. The stratosphere or “good” ozone layer extends upward from about 6 to 30 miles and protects life on Earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

What are the chemicals that damage the ozone layer Mcq?

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and halons destroy the earth’s protective ozone layer, which shields the earth from harmful ultraviolet (UV-B) rays generated from the sun.

What happens during the breakdown of ozone Mcq?

In stratosphere UV radiations breaks them down to release chlorine atoms. These chlorine atoms react with ozone molecules to break them down into oxygen molecules.

How is ozone harmful to US Class 10?

The depletion of ozone causes the harmful UV rays to reach the earth, and this has resulted in a higher incidence of skin cancer in humans. UV rays may also cause genetic mutations in living organisms. Pollutants that deplete the ozone layer are chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons.


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