What is the meaning of mentally derailed?


What is the meaning of mentally derailed?

n. a symptom of thought disorder, often occurring in individuals with schizophrenia, marked by frequent interruptions in thought and jumping from one idea to another unrelated or indirectly related idea.

What is another word for derailed?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for derail, like: de-rail, crash, go off the rails, jump, thwart, sabotage, deflect, hinder, scupper, wreck and be wrecked.

What is the dictionary definition of derail?

to cause to fail or become deflected from a purpose; reduce or delay the chances for success or development of: Being drafted into the army derailed his career for two years. (of a train, streetcar, etc.) to run off the rails of a track. to become derailed; go astray. noun.

How do you use derail in a sentence?

Derail sentence example The train didn’t derail and she wasn’t in the car. Portion size is one of the biggest issues to derail people on a calorie-restricted diet. The last thing you want as a beginner is to have an injury derail your exercise plan.

Is deranged a swear word?

Deranged has transitioned from being a label of someone’s health to being an insulting slur.

What is the opposite of derailed?

Opposite of to obstruct or stop (a process) calm. compose. quiet. settle.

What is derailing a conversation?

Derailing. “Derailing” is the attempt to distract from the original trajectory of a difficult conversation. A. person who is attempting to derail a conversation is usually doing so in order to interrupt a sense. of internal discomfort they are experiencing, whether or not they are aware of it.

What is the opposite of Derail?

What does it mean when someone is estranged?

Definition of estranged : having lost former closeness and affection : in a state of alienation from a previous close or familial relationship her estranged husband [=her husband with whom she no longer lives] Social workers may try to resolve conflicts between estranged siblings.—

What does it mean to be unstable?

Definition of unstable : not stable : not firm or fixed : not constant: such as. a : not steady in action or movement : irregular an unstable pulse. b : wavering in purpose or intent : vacillating. c : lacking steadiness : apt to move, sway, or fall an unstable tower.

What is a word salad in schizophrenia?

Word salad is defined as “a jumble of extremely incoherent speech as sometimes observed in schizophrenia,” and has been used of patients suffering from other kinds of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s.

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