What is the noun of description?


What is the noun of description?

1[countable, uncountable] description (of somebody/something) a piece of writing or speech that says what someone or something is like; the act of writing or saying in words what someone or something is like to give a detailed/full description of the procedure a brief/general description of the software Police have …

What type of word is peace?

Peace can be an interjection, a noun or a verb.

Is Peaceful a noun or adjective?

inclined to peace. not at war or disturbed by strife or turmoil.

How do you spell description or discription?

The act of describing; a delineation by marks or signs. A set of characteristics by which someone or something can be recognized.

What is noun peace?

peace / peacefulness. The noun peace can be used to talk about a peaceful state or situation:world peace I just need some peace and quiet. Peacefulness is not a common word. It means “the quality of being peaceful.”

Is peace abstract noun?

‘Peace’ is an abstract noun which refers to the state of being peaceful that is freedom from any kind of violence and war.

Is peace a proper noun?

Peace (proper noun)

What is a noun for peaceful?

peacefully -​fə-​lē adverb. peacefulness noun.

What is description word?

Descriptive words are help visualize, describe, define, or explain information about people, places, things, situations, or actions. Descriptive words could also be clear, strong verbs or nouns that carry clear meaning. The purpose of descriptive words is to clarify a topic.

What is description sentence?

Descriptive Words: Words used to describe or give details about something, some place, or someone. Sentence: A group of words that is a complete thought as a statement, question, or exclamation.

How do you describe a description?

1a : an act of describing specifically : discourse intended to give a mental image of something experienced beautiful beyond description gave an accurate description of what he saw.

Is the word peace an adjective?

A peaceful moment. adjective. The definition of peaceful is someone or something that is calm, non-violent or friendly. An example of peaceful is a person in deep meditation.

Is there verb for peace?

She lay back and enjoyed the peace of the summer evening.

  • I would work better if I had some peace and quiet.
  • I need to check that she is all right,just for my own peace of mind (= so that I do not have to worry).
  • at peace with yourself He never really felt at peace with himself.
  • at peace I felt calm and at peace.
  • Her father is at peace (= dead) now.
  • Is peaceful a verb?

    What is the verb for peaceful? peaceful. (transitive) To bring peace to (a place or situation), by ending war, fighting, violence, anger or agitation. (transitive) To appease (someone). “In an attempt to pacify the Irish, the British establishment made a number of concessions aimed at enabling tenant farmers to become the owners of the land they so diligently tilled.”.

    What is the description of the noun peace?

    • PEACE (noun) The noun PEACE has 5 senses: 1. the state prevailing during the absence of war. 2. harmonious relations; freedom from disputes. 3. the absence of mental stress or anxiety. 4. the general security of public places. 5. a treaty to cease hostilities. Familiarity information: PEACE used as a noun is common.

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