What is the purpose of career fairs?


What is the purpose of career fairs?

A career fair is an event that gives students and employers a chance to meet one another, establish professional relationships, and discuss potential job and/or internship opportunities.

What is a career fair at college?

A college career fair provides students, and sometimes alumni, with an opportunity to meet with a variety of prospective employers on campus or at an off-campus site. The program may have a networking component where you meet casually with employers at tables or booths set up in the event venue.

What happens at a career fair?

A career fair is an opportunity for employers interested in hiring UW students and alumni to come to campus and meet face-to-face with potential candidates. Career fairs are a great way for students to meet representatives of companies they are interested in learning about or working for.

What should I do after career fair?

7 Things You Need to Do After Attending a Career Fair

  1. Get organized.
  2. Follow-up with employers.
  3. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is polished.
  4. Try to maintain the connection.
  5. Make necessary updates to your resume.
  6. Continue practicing your interviewing skills.
  7. Reflect on your experience at the career fair.

How do you interview at a career fair?

The job fair strategy that actually gets you interviews

  1. Scope out the guest list. Don’t just roll up to the fair without doing some legwork first.
  2. Target your efforts.
  3. Loosen up.
  4. Get there early, and come prepared.
  5. Kill time efficiently—and keep your ears open.
  6. Nail the audition.
  7. Exit gracefully.

Should I wear a suit to a career fair?

A business suit with pants or skirt is always appropriate, but a dress or skirt and blouse are sufficient in most situations. If you wear a skirt, do not wear it too short. A hemline just above or below the knee is best.

What is Open Day interview?

The Open Day is a recruitment event where you can participate without any invitation from the airline company. At an Open Day interview you will be present at the hotel where the recruitment will take place with your asked documentations and with lots of patience.

What’s a recruitment day?

Most companies hold recruitment open days as a way to connect with potential candidates, opening their doors purposefully to share their culture and allow you to get a feel for the place. They usually take place when a company has multiple jobs to fill; this being the initial stage of the recruitment process.

Does open interviews hire on the spot?

Do open interviews hire on the spot? Yes, in many cases a job offer is made at the end of an open interview. However, sometimes an employer will request that the candidate return for a second interview or they state that they will inform the candidate of their choice in the near future.

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