What is the rarest trash pack?


What is the rarest trash pack?

The rarest limited editions are Grimy Gold, Squish Bone, Poop Plop, Scrambled Rat, and Captain Contagious from Trash pack; Grimy Gold and Squish Bone from the trading card collections; and Stinkin’ Soda and Ghost Trash turtle from Trash Wheels. All of these have 250 units that were numbered.

What are trashies toys?

Description. The individual toys are called “Trashies” and are typically made of rubber. Each comes in a container shaped like a trash can, the color and size of which can change depending on the series. Limited and special edition Trashies are frequently composed of non-rubber materials.

Who created trash pack?

Moose Toys
Moose Toys, the Australian toy company that was behind the Mighty Beanz craze several years ago, invented the Trash Pack and has sold more than 15 million “trashies” worldwide since the product hit the shelves in September.

How many Trash Pack characters are there?

Unique Games: Play four distinct games, from Trash Smash to Trash Attack! Each game offers multiple levels of play for non-stop action and gross fun. Characters Galore: With 30 Trashies as playable characters, you’ll jump right into the action with a different perspective every time you play!

Is Shopkins discontinued?

With only 4 seasons produced, the line was also discontinued in 2020.

When did Shopkins release?

June 2014
Created by Paul Solomon, Shopkins are the collectible toys created by Australian company Moose Toys that this wiki is all about! They were first released in June 2014.

What is the plural of trash?

Plural. none. Trash. Useless things that are discarded.

How many characters are in the Trash Pack?

Series 3 was the third and most successful series with 166 characters. This Time there was 5 Limited Editions instead of 3 like in the previous series, however there is only 250 rarest trashie, Grimy Gold instead of 1000. The cans are a darkish blue and slightly larger than the series 1 cans.

What kind of toy is the Trash Pack?

The Trash Pack are one of the most popular toys of 2012 and are little collectable figurines that “belong in your Garbage”! The Trash Pack Timeline should provide information. After the line ended, The Grossery Gang said they took over them and grossed things up.

When was the first series of the Trash Pack released?

Unfortunately in many areas series 1 has been ‘dismissed’ and is no longer available in those areas. Series 1 was first public in July 2011, and was cancelled in Australia in mid-way 2012. Series 2 was the second series of Trash Pack. There were 169 trashies in the Series.It was released in February 2012.

What are the colors of the Trash Pack?

It had its trashies stored in green garbage cans. Its special edition figures had a glow in the dark effect, while its ultra rare specific category, the Bin Fections were see-through and sported a blue and yellow color scheme.

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