What is the surface area of Neptune like?


What is the surface area of Neptune like?


Flattening 0.0171±0.0013
Surface area 7.6187×109 km2 14.98 Earths
Volume 6.253×1013 km3 57.74 Earths
Mass 1.02413×1026 kg 17.147 Earths 5.15×10−5 Suns

How hot is Neptune’s core?

7000 °C
At its core, Neptune reaches temperatures of up to 7273 K (7000 °C; 12632 °F), which is comparable to the surface of the Sun. The huge temperature differences between Neptune’s center and its surface create huge wind storms, which can reach as high as 2,100 km/hour, making them the fastest in the Solar System.

What is unusual about Neptune’s rings?

Neptune’s unusual rings are not uniform, but possess bright thick clumps of dust called arcs. The rings are thought to be relatively young and short-lived.

Does Mars have a surface?

Its surface is rocky, with canyons, volcanoes, dry lake beds and craters all over it. Red dust covers most of its surface. Mars has clouds and wind just like Earth. Sometimes the wind blows the red dust into a dust storm.

What does the surface of Neptune feel like?

The “surface” of Neptune, its uppermost layer, is one of the most turbulent and active places in the Solar System. As a gas giant (or ice giant), Neptune has no solid surface . In fact, the blue-green disc we have all seen in photographs over the years is actually a bit of an illusion.

Does Neptune have water on surface?

Neptune is the third most massive planet. Like the rest of the gas giants, Neptune has no definite surface layer. Instead, the gas transits into a slushy ice and water layer. The water-ammonia ocean serves as the planet’s mantle, and contains more than ten times the mass of Earth.

What are the characteristics of Neptune’s surface?

According to solarsystem.nasa.gov,Neptune is around 4 times bigger in size than Earth.

  • Neptune revolves in an orbit around the sun just like every planet in the solar system.
  • A Neptunian day is shorter than a standard Earth day.
  • Neptune is an icy world.
  • The atmosphere that surrounds the planet Neptune is quite gassy.
  • What is Neptunes gravity compared with Earths?

    The surface gravity of Neptune is 1.14 times the gravity on Earth. In other words, if you could actually walk on Neptune, you would feel only a little heavier than if you were walking on Earth.

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