What is the tallest building in Afghanistan?


What is the tallest building in Afghanistan?

Kabul Tower

Rank Name Height
1 Azizi Plaza 104 m / 341 ft
2 Kabul Tower 87 m / 285 ft

Which is the biggest building in Nepal?

Nepal’s tallest buildings – Top 20

# Building Height
1 Silver City Apartments ≈224 ft
2 Mero City III ≈212 ft
3 Mero City II ≈212 ft
4 Mero City I ≈212 ft

What is the tallest building in China?

The tallest tower in China is currently the Shanghai Tower, located in the namesake city at a height of 632 meters (2,073 ft); it is the second-tallest building in the world. The previous 2 tallest buildings in mainland China have also been in Shanghai.

How tall is the legacy Chicago?

822 feet
The Legacy at Millennium Park is a 72-story skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois, United States, located along S. Wabash Avenue, near E. Monroe Street. At 822 feet (251 meters), it is the thirteenth-tallest building in Chicago.

What is the tallest building in Iraq?

Central Bank of Iraq

Rank Name Height
1 Central Bank of Iraq 172 m / 564 ft
2 Grand Millennium Hotel 150 m / 492 ft
3 Empire Business Tower 130 m / 427 ft
4 Jaff Tower A 109 m / 358 ft

Which is the smallest zone of Nepal?

Bhaktapur district
District Information Bhaktapur district is located in the eastern part of Kathmandu valley, Central region, Bagmati zone. It is the smallest district of Nepal.

Which is the tallest temple in Nepal?

Nyatapola Temple
Towering at a height of over 30 meters, this turn-of-the-18th-century landmark is the tallest temple in Nepal. The imposing Nyatapola Temple stands five tiers tall over Taumadhi Square in the Nepalese city of Bhaktapur, where it was built with time-tested virtuosity at the behest of King Bhupatindra Malla in 1702.

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