What is the third largest state by land area?


What is the third largest state by land area?

States Ranked by Land Area

Rank State Land Area (square miles)
All United States 3,531,905.43
1 Alaska 570,640.95
2 Texas 261,231.71
3 California 155,779.22

What is the three largest state?

While Alaska is the largest state, it is has the lowest population density of all of the states, with 1.3 persons per square mile. The smallest U.S. state,Rhode Island, could fit into Alaska 425 times. Alaska is larger than Texas, California, and Montana combined.

Which is the third largest state in the United States?

California, the US’ most populous state, covers about 423,970 km 2, making it the third-largest state. Its land area of 403,466 km 2 is also the country’s third-largest, while the water area of 20,047 km 2. Montana is the fourth-largest state with a total area of about 380,800 km 2, about 4% of the US total area.

Which is larger Alaska or the next three largest states?

Alaska is larger than the combined areas of the next three largest states. It is the world’s seventh-largest country subdivision. Its total land area is about 1.5 million km 2 (86%), while the rest is water. The South Central state of Texas is the second-largest state by total area, covering about 695,662 km 2.

Which is the third largest country in the world by area?

Updated October 06, 2019. The United States is the world’s third largest country by area, ranked behind Russia and Canada. Within that large are 50 states that vary widely in area.

Which is the third smallest state by area?

Connecticut covers about 14,357 km 2 which makes it the third smallest state, of which 12,559 km 2 is land and the rest is water. New Jersey is the fourth-smallest state by total area and fifth smallest by land area. It covers 22,591 km 2, of which 19,047 km 2 is land.

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