What is the use of clap switch?


What is the use of clap switch?

Clap switch converts sound energy into electrical pulses and uses these electrical pulses as input to the circuit and provides an output in order to control light appliances.

Who invented clap switch?

The Clapper was invented by Carlile R. Stevens and Dale E. Reamer, and issued U.S. Patent #5493618, which was published on 20 February 1996.

How do you hook up a clap switch?

How to Make Clapping Switch Circuit

  1. Step 1: Take All Components As Shown Below. Components required –
  2. Step 2: Circuit Diagram.
  3. Step 3: Connect Pin-4 and Pin-8 of LM555 IC.
  4. Step 4: Connect 10uf Capacitor.
  5. Step 5: Connect 100K Resistor.
  6. Step 6: Connect C945 Transistor.
  7. Step 7: Connect 1K Resistor.
  8. Step 8: Connect 56K Resistor.

How does a clap switch work?

Two transistors cross connected as a bistable multivibrator change state at each signal. One of these transistors drives a heavier transistor which controls a lamp. Basically, this is a Sound operated switch. For example, fan, fluorescent light, TV and other appliances can be switched on (or) off by clapping.

How does clap sensor work?

Every sound that hits the Clapper is “heard” by the microphone, turned into an electrical signal and sent to the electronic sound filter. By clapping, you trigger the microphone to set off the sound filter, which in turn sends a signal to the electrical switches.

Is The Clapper still sold?

From the Manufacturer Caution: Joseph Enterprises, Inc is the ONLY legal, manufacturer and distributor of the trademarked ‘The Clapper’.

What is clap sensor?

The VM-CLAP1 Hand Clap Sensor from Verbal Machines is a low-power, microprocessor-based audio sensor that can detect hand claps or finger snaps while ignoring background noises such as human speech or music. Compare all products in Audio or Sensors.

How does a clap on clap off light work?

Whenever a clap is heard, a light glows. Claps that are too soft or too fast will be rejected by the Clapper — and the light will fail to glow. If, for some reason, your claps keep getting rejected as noise, the Clapper will automatically reduce its sound sensitivity. In those cases, you’ll simply need to clap louder.

What does a 555 timer do?

The 555 timer IC is a very cheap, popular and useful precision timing device which can act as either a simple timer to generate single pulses or long time delays, or as a relaxation oscillator producing a string of stabilised waveforms of varying duty cycles from 50 to 100%.

How do I make an Arduino clap switch?

Here’s hot you got to do:

  1. Plug in the sound sensor into your breadboard.
  2. Connect the ground pin of the sensor to a GND terminal of the Arduino, the Vin pin to the 5V bus of the Arduino, and the Analog pin to the A0 pin of the Arduino.
  3. Now you need to set up the LED.

What are the specifications of clap sensor?

Specifications of sound detection sensor module: Working voltage: DC 3.3-5V. Dimensions: 45 x 17 x 9 mm. Signal output indication. Single channel signal output.

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