What killed Hashirama?


What killed Hashirama?

It’s simply been said that he died in battle either during or before the First Shinobi World War. Yamato and Danzo both experienced exhaustion after repeated/massive Wood Release uses, and as we’ve seen, using too much chakra can cause death (Kakashi, Nagato).

Who defeated the 1st Hokage?

Wracked with grief, Madara made one final stand against Hashirama and the Senju and was summarily defeated. Tobirama attempted to kill Madara to finally end the fighting, but Hashirama stopped him, knowing that would only renew hostilities between the Senju and Uchiha.

How did Tobirama and Hashirama die?

Being the second Hokage after Hashirama means that Tobirama did not die before the first Hokage. Tobirama was involved in a fight against Kumogakure’s forces which led to him sacrificing himself as a decoy. He did this to enable his subordinates to escape the battle. This was during the second great Shinobi war.

How did danzo die?

He was appointed the Sixth Hokage Candidate (六代目火影候補, Rokudaime Hokage Kōho, literally meaning: Sixth Fire Shadow Candidate) after Pain’s assault on the village. Prior to being inaugurated officially into this post, Danzō would flee the Five Kage Summit and died in battle against Sasuke Uchiha at the Samurai Bridge.

Who is Tobirama son?

He was the child of Katsumi Uchida and Tobirama Senju….

Katsumi Uchida’s Son
Manga Chapter #560
Anime Naruto: Shippuden #322
Appears in Anime and Manga

Is Rock Lee dead?

In the end, Lee successfully survived the operation. Once Lee was well enough to move, he left the hospital to follow them and provide assistance. He caught up with Naruto, who was in the middle of a battle with Kimimaro, and told him to go after Sasuke while he dealt with Kimimaro.

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