What makes the studying environment so unique at Warwick?


Choosing where to study is possibly one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. But rest assured because Warwick offers students so much flexibility when it comes to studying. It is a unique campus environment that comes with so many benefits to your studying and having a healthy and happy university experience… By Ciara Brodi

1. A Mini-City

What makes the studying environment so unique at Warwick?

In the heart of the West Midlands, nestled between London and Birmingham, and surrounded by the beautiful English towns of Kenilworth, Coventry and Leamington Spa, the location of our university couldn’t be any more ideal! The University of Warwick occupies 710 glorious acres. As a result, the campus can feel like its own little city. It’s equipped by a grocery store, pharmacy, hairdresser, travel agency, an arts centre with a movie theatre, cafes, restaurants, and many more. There is also a shopping centre nearby.

2. An Active Campus

What makes the studying environment so unique at Warwick?

You’ve got everything you need on your doorstep. You can finish a lecture, head to a yoga class at the Sports and Wellness Hub, pick up a coffee from Curiositea, and then head to a talk hosted by one of our many student-run societies. If you prefer short walks in the forest, there is an ancient woodland with pretty spring flowers and a carpet of bluebells situated between the Main Campus and the Gibbet Hill Campus.

It’s a dynamic, quick and flexible place. Warwick’s Sport Active Campus regime is all about helping you to understand the benefits of moving around our mini-city, soaking up everything the University has to offer, and keeping fit at the same time.

3. Many Study Spaces

What makes the studying environment so unique at Warwick?

Studying flexibly has never been easier at Warwick. The University boasts 9 formal working spaces on its website, stretching from the five-floor library to the more exclusive Postgrad Hub. But even beyond that, you will find places to study in every student building on campus. You can choose between quiet places, group-working spaces, and even spots where you can cycle as you work.

To name one example, the Oculus building is completely dedicated to the teaching and learning of students. As a result, you will not find a single office in this building. Instead, space is filled with comfy chairs, tables and even spots that give you a beautiful view of the nature that surrounds the Oculus.

4. The Ease of Working Remotely

What makes the studying environment so unique at Warwick?

As you’re moving from one commitment to another, trying to study when you can, Warwick is incredibly resourced in the sense that you can access many things remotely. All you have to do is open your laptop, and continue typing where you left off. The library gives you access to hundreds of thousands of online books and journals with just a few clicks. You will find some lectures that are captured and available online, ready for you to watch as a recap to your class. And finally, living on campus produces a true community. As you’re moving around, you may bump into friends and find a space to study together. This might even be an opportunity to compare ideas and support each other with assignments that you have been set.

So there’s never been a better time to be studying at Warwick, and appreciating the opportunity that you’ve got to grow as a person whilst your university continues to expand and reach new heights.

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