What materials does Alison Page work with?


What materials does Alison Page work with?

She loves to use contemporary materials like glass, stainless steel, plastics and rubber alongside more traditional materials. One of Alison’s aims is to design buildings that are sustainable, not only in their structure and the materials used, but also in terms of on-going maintenance.

What did Alison Page design?

Alison Page is an interior designer. Alison has worked on many projects including designing interiors for the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Centre in La Perouse, Sydney, designing the Opening Ceremony for the Adelaide Festival of the Arts and the Bayagul Indigenous gallery at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

What field of work is Alison Page in?

Alison is a Tharawal woman from La Perouse in Sydney. She is one of only a handful of Indigenous interior designers working in Australia today. In 1998, Alison joined the Merrima Aboriginal Design Unit, an architectural practice in the Government Architects Office in Sydney.

What process has Blak Douglas used to create the artwork?

Blak Douglas is a Sydney-based artist who paints with Australian made PERMAPLASTIK scenic paints. These highly pigmented polymer acrylic paints deliver vivid colours including intense aquamarine blues, brilliant ochres and vivid yellows and reds representative of his signature style.

What is Gaawaa Miyay?

Gaawaa Miyay (river daughter) is her creative studio practice. She has exhibited, created, collaborated and consulted on an array of projects and conceptual works over the past decade which speak of country, memory, time, experience, and notions of exchange.

What does Lucy Simpson design?

Yuwaalaraay woman Lucy Simpson, founder of Gaawaa Miyay (2009), is a process led trans-disciplinary designer / artist / maker who works across a range of mediums including graphics, textiles, object and spatial design (from interiors to public installation).

What kind of materials does Alison Page use?

‘Alison’s work uses a lot of environmentally friendly materials. She says that the materials she uses really depend on the kinds of skills and resources available in the community she is working in. For example, if there are a lot of carpenters she will use more wood.

What kind of hobbies does Alison Page have?

At a young age the girls grew up having a creative role model by watching their mother collect things and adding a creative flare to the inside and out of their house and just the things their mother did in the day to day things. Her hobbies include singing, drawing and swimming at the beach.

Where did Alison Page grow up in Australia?

Alison page is one of the very few Indigenous interior designers working in Australia today. She grew up with her 5 sisters in Coffs Harbour in northern NSW. It was a very creative household, her mother liked to collect interesting objects and op-shop treasures.

Who is Alison Page and what does she do?

Alison Page was recently appointed regional Aboriginal cultural development officer at Arts Mid North Coast NSW. But since 2000 Alison has run her own design practice. She is employed by different organisations as a consultant on interior design projects meaning she does not have an evident logo or practise name.

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