What month should I start giving my dog NexGard?


NexGard is a bite-sized dose that’s safe for dogs and puppies as young as 8 weeks, weighing just 4 pounds, through adulthood.

What month should I give my dog NexGard?

Just one treatment protects your pup against fleas, ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms. Tasty treat-like chew that pets love, so it’s easy to administer their month medication. Pets of all ages can receive NexGard Spectra once they are at least 8 weeks and weigh 4lbs.

Is it OK to give NexGard early?

Is it safe to give nexgard a week early? In my opinion, it would be better to give it a week late. The product will have your pet covered for the additional time. If you have any doubts, it is best to talk to your vet.

Is NexGard safe for puppies?

NexGard is approved for use in puppies as young as 8 weeks, where there other products are only for puppies older than 6 months. This is important! Puppies need protection from fleas and ticks too.

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Should I give my dog NexGard year round?

When used as directed by a veterinarian, NexGard is safe and effective for any breed of dog. … Ball stressed that for maximum effectiveness NexGard should be administered year-round. “Even when it is cold outside during the winter, fleas can still survive inside the house,” said Dr.

Do vets recommend NexGard?

As stated on the product packaging, NexGard should be used only under the guidance of a veterinarian and “with caution in dogs with a history of seizures.” It’s also important to note that NexGard for Dogs hasn’t been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs.

How many dogs have died from NexGard?

Deaths reported total 21 (death + death by euthanasia). The Nexgard product insert lists vomiting (with and without blood), dry flaky skin, diarrhea (with and without blood), lethargy, and anorexia as the top 5 adverse events in the pre-approval field study (415 dogs treated with afoxolaner).

Why does my dog still have fleas after NexGard?

If your dog is constantly being reinfested with fleas after treatment, it is most likely there is an environmental infestation in or around your house. The adult fleas we see on pets represent only 5% of the total population. The other 95% are immature stages in the environment.

What if I accidentally gave my dog two NexGard?

NexGard has a large margin of safety if as dog gets or eats multiple doses. … Your dog will likely suffer no ill effects.

How long does it take NexGard to start working?

NexGard kills fleas within 8 hours and ticks within 48 hours. After being given, its actions last for at least 5 weeks against fleas and up to one month against ticks.

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What flea and tick medicine is killing dogs?

ATLANTA — Thousands of dog owners worldwide blame a popular flea killer for harming their pets. Channel 2 Consumer Investigator Jim Strickland has obtained records showing dog owners believe the drug is connected to hundreds of pet deaths. The medication is called Bravecto.

Can NexGard kill your dog?

Vomiting, lethargy and diarrhea are the most common side effects reported. Seizures are quite high on both lists, with 22 each for both Nexgard and Bravecto for the first quarter of 2016. Nine deaths are reported for each drug for the same period. For Nexgard, five of the nine deaths were by euthanasia.

Can I buy Nexgard at WalMart?

NexGard has kept ticks and fleas off my dogs for years, and thanks to WalMart, can be bought at less cost.

Do dogs need NexGard in the winter?

Yes! Keep your pets on flea and tick protection all year round! It is common today to hear people say “I don’t give my pet flea and tick prevention in the winter there is no need, since it is so cold”. … Fleas can survive outdoors in temperatures as low as 33 degrees for as long as five days.

Should I give my dog heartworm medicine in the winter?

Use Heartworm Prevention Medication Year-Round

Although there are a fewer number of mosquitoes in the winter, there is still a risk that an animal could contract heartworms if the owner stops giving medication during this season.

What is the safest flea & tick treatment for dogs?

If chemical products are necessary for additional flea or tick control, NRDC recommends s-methoprene or pyriproxyfen, which are less toxic ingredients—but read the labels carefully because some products use them with other, more harmful pesticides.

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