What North Vietnamese tactics made it difficult for US troops to defeat them?


What North Vietnamese tactics made it difficult for US troops to defeat them?

What Viet Cong tactics made it difficult for U.S troops to defeat them? They used Guerilla warfare which included traps, mazes, and tunnels.

Why were the Vietcong so successful against the United States?

They were extremely successful because they had very good and vital knowledge of the forests and jungles and were able to protect their supplies from damage by using the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

What type of battle tactics did the Vietcong use and why were they so successful?

For destroying armored vehicles or bunkers, the Vietcong had highly effective rocket propelled grenades and recoilless rifles. Mortars were also available in large numbers and had the advantage of being very easy to transport. Many weapons, including booby traps and mines, were homemade in villages.

How did the North Vietnamese fight against the US?

By continuously expanding and improving the Ho Chi Minh Trial—the main conduit for supplies and replacement troops from North Vietnam to the southern battlefields—and by deploying large numbers of troops in Cambodia and Laos, the North Vietnamese defeated the American effort to isolate the battlefield from 1965 to 1968 …

How effective were the American tactics used in the Vietnam war?

The USA’s tactics under President Johnson The USA would ultimately drop three million tonnes of bombs in Vietnam – more than all the bombs dropped in Europe during World War Two. However, bombing was highly inaccurate due to the jungle landscape and the lack of industrial targets in North Vietnam.

How did the Vietcong hold out in Vietnam?

Despite having no aircraft, tanks or artillery of their own, the Vietcong managed to hold out against the Americans until the USA left Vietnam in the 1970s. The Vietcong used a number of tactics to help them do this.

How did the Tet Offensive affect the Vietcong?

The Vietcong did not hold onto any of the territory gained for long. They suffered many casualites and the Tet Offensive was a military defeat for them. The offensive failed but has been viewed as a turning point. It had two important effects:

How did the Vietcong use guerrilla warfare tactics?

The Vietcong used a number of tactics to help them do this. Guerrilla warfare is the art of using knowledge of the landscape to avoid open battle with the enemy and to launch raids and surprise attacks, before disappearing back into the undergrowth.

What kind of tunnels did the Vietcong use?

The Vietcong had a hidden system of tunnels stretching over 200 miles. There were hospitals, armouries, sleeping quarters, kitchens and wells underground. These tunnel systems could hide thousands of Vietcong which helped them fight their guerrilla war. It would be the job of US ‘tunnel rats’ to search these tunnels.

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