What rhymes with melon and lemon?


What rhymes with melon and lemon?

Words that rhyme with melon

common iron
lesson wanton
fashion function
lemon motion
passion patron

What word rhymes with lemon?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
hegemon 100 Noun
Rehman 100 Name
Clemen 100 Name
eman 100 Noun

What word rhymes with midst?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
didst 100 Verb, Noun
amidst 100 Other
blitzed 96 Verb, Adjective
list 92 Noun

How would you describe watermelon?

It has an oval or spherical shape and a dark green and smooth rind, sometimes showing irregular areas of a pale green colour. It has a sweet, juicy, refreshing flesh of yellowish or reddish colour, containing multiple black, brown or white pips.

What words rhyme with peas?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
key 100 Adjective, Noun
tree 100 Noun
knee 100 Noun
Dee 100 Name

How would you describe a melon?

A melon is a large fruit which is sweet and juicy inside and has a hard green or yellow skin.

What word rhymes with bees?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
cheese 100 Noun
seas 100 Noun
breeze 100 Noun
freeze 100 Noun, Verb


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