What secret does George tell slim in Chapter 3?


What secret does George tell slim in Chapter 3?

George explains to Slim that Lennie didn’t mean to hurt Curley; he was just scared. Because of what he has done, Lennie is afraid he won’t get to tend the rabbits on their farm.

What does slim give to George for Lennie?

Slim has agreed to give one of the pups to Lennie, and George thanks him for his kindness, insisting that Lennie is “dumb as hell,” but is neither crazy nor mean.

What do candy George and slim imagine?

What do Candy, George, and Slim imagine? fired, Slim will tell everyone what really happened. Why did Curley fight with Lennie?

What is slim physical appearance?

In Of Mice and Men, Slim is introduced to the reader in chapter 2. In terms of his physical appearance, Slim is tall, with long, black hair that is brushed straight back. In terms of his age, it is hard to judge. He has an “ageless” appearance, meaning he looks anywhere from 35 to 50 years old.

What does Slim have that Lennie wants badly?

What does Slim have that Lennie wants? Slim’s dog has just had a litter of puppies. Lennie wants one.

Why does Slim help George and Lennie?

Because Slim is well liked and respected by the other men on the ranch, he is able to keep Lennie from harm. Slim originally thinks that Lennie isn’t mean but is just childlike and harmless. When Lennie smashes Curley’s hand, Slim refuses to fire George and Lennie thus saving their jobs.

How does Slim feel about Lennie and George?

Whereas the boss and Curley are skeptical of the arrangement George and Lennie have, Slim seems touched by their friendship. He likes Lennie and wants to help him feel welcome, suggesting that he, too, yearns for genuine connection amidst the hostility of life on the ranch.

What does George say to Slim in of mice and men?

” George answers “defensively” when Slim asks him about his relationship with Lennie. He believes that there is nothing wrong with this although he does know it is not that common. However, he then begins to reveal the past. The same characteristic of him is again shown when Candy asks them about the land that they want to buy.

What happens in Chapter 3 of of mice and men?

We discover about Slim’s many qualities such as his ability to bring out the secrets of others from them. This is shown in Chapter Three in which he questions George about him and Lennie going around together.

What happens in Chapter 3 alone in the bunkhouse?

Summary and Analysis Chapter 3. Summary. Alone in the bunkhouse, George thanks Slim for giving Lennie a pup. Slim comments on Lennie’s ability to work hard and mentions that it is obvious Lennie is not too bright.

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