What was special in 2011?


What was special in 2011?

From the Arab spring to the death of Osama bin Laden, 2011 was filled with landmark events the world over. The natural disaster left roughly 23,000 people dead or missing and triggered a nuclear crisis at Japan’s damaged Fukushima power plant.

What was a world event in 2011?

From the devastating tsunami in Japan to Osama Laden’s death, here are the world events that made headlines in 2011. Wait 1 second to continue. This year, scientists have recorded and observed galactic interactions, atmospheric phenomena and the first images of a black hole.

What was happening in January 2011?

Gabrielle Giffords Among 17 Shot in Assassination Attempt, Six Killed (Jan. 8): Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords is shot in an assassination attempt in Arizona. She is among at least 17 shot by a gunman who opened fire on the congresswoman’s constituent meeting outside a local grocery store.

What pop culture events happened in 2011?

Best pop culture moments of 2011

  • Adele performs “Someone Like You” at the MTV VMAs.
  • Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage.
  • The Royal Wedding.
  • “Harry Potter” ends its decade-long run.
  • “Bridesmaids” becomes the top-grossing Judd Apatow film.

What happened on September 1st?

This Day in History: September 1 The lethal combination of German blitzkrieg tactics, French and British inactivity, and Soviet perfidy doomed Poland to swift defeat after Adolf Hitler invaded the country this day in 1939 and sparked World War II.

What was the event of the year 2011?

The events that defined 2011, from the death of Bin Laden to Occupy Wall St. Dec. 20, 2011 — intro: It was a year of popular uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Syria, of devastation from drought and tsunami, and at home, of gridlock and stalemate in Washington.

What was the year the World Went Mad?

2011 was the year when the world went mad. World leaders got stacked and noises of the people in all the streets were heard. It was really a year of OBSESSION .

Where was the earthquake on Aug 23, 2011?

Aug 23 5.8 earthquake occurrs in Mineral, Virginia felt as far north as Ontario and as far south as Atlanta, Georgia Aug 23 Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi is overthrown after the National Transitional Council forces take control of Bab al-Azizia compound during the 2011 Libyan Civil War.

What foods were popular in the year 2011?

Brussels sprouts – Once the green vegetable that every child hated to eat, Brussels sprouts became a popular food trend in 2011. Comfort foods (Examples include chicken pot pies, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, and pizza.)

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